Learning English though short English moral story

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Nasiru Sani

Nasiru Sani

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Men have to dodge for women

Learning English though my short English moral story – Men have to dodge for women.


God has valued women let alone you men. Definitely, you should dogde for women so as to live in comfortable situation.


Thank you,

Nasiru Sani.

Men have to dodge for women.

There was a guy who was rude to every women of his community, and the elders of the community had counselled him but he was was heedless to their words.

Although he was from poor family, he was such a boasting guy. He had never dogded for any married women talkless of girls.

Once upon a time, when he was coming back from market, then he intentionally had a collision and headbutt with a gorgeous girl. So, she stood in front of him, and she was gawking at him from hair to toe. He insulted her in order to dodge for him to reach his destination but she refused and she even spit on his face because she was in hot-temper.

He suddenly slapped her harshly and she started crying for help but unfortunately there was nobody to intervene for her. In the meantime, he was in commotion, so he didn’t know when she called Police but before he tried to run away, two Policemen had already appeared, thereafter he was arrested and was taken directly to the Court.

He was kept in a harrowing cell for waiting trial. All these had happened to him because her father was a tycoon. At a long last, the judge demanded that either thirty thousand ( 30,000) should be paid to set him free or he would be sentenced to Prison. Afterwards, he was given a phone which he called his parents and informed them about the case as well as the huge money that was demanded by the judge.

Unlucky, his parents didn’t have money at all. Hence, they rushed to borrow money and they had entered every nook and cranny but they had failed to obtain certain amount of the money that was required.

The judge had no option and had no time to waste. therefore, the judge sentenced him to spend four years in prison.

Story by, Nasiru Sani.


Here is the moral lesson:

having created this minimal fiction which is mainly based on tragedy as well as devastating situation.

My mission is to convey a message to men and the men should take note of what had happened to the guy in this fiction. So, l want to draw attention and enlighten both men and youths but especially adults that they should dogde for married women and girls, in addition to that they have to dodge for young ladies either on a street, supermarket, Bank, or in School as the case may be, because you must have seen with the bare eyes of yours how the guy bad manner endangered him and led him in a chaotic condition which he had never expected in his life.

Therefore, not even for the fact of this fiction but also God has valued women let alone you men. Definitely, you should dogde for women so as to live in comfortable situation.

Thank you, Nasiru Sani.


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