My lonely nights

Shafayet Ali Mithun
Shafayet Ali Mithun

Shafayet Ali Mithun

Poetry Artist

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My lonely nights!

My lonely nights,
are never-ending plights.
Time moves on like a slug,
everything stings like a hug.
Alert on every little sound,
thinking maybe she is around.
Every second and minute
staring at the clock,
and hoping now she will knock.
Every time my heart drop,
tears roll down and pains like flog.
I keep wiping my tears,
kill all my fears.
And wish to disappear from,
this place, to get some solace.
Because there is no single person here,
who can wipe off my tear?
I feel lone and think all the love is fake,
all these illusions keep me awake.
And I curse myself whole night,
for I can’t stand this plight.
Fed cup of all tears and heartache,
feel like my life is in the stake.
It becomes routine to mess un inplights.
I pray and plea to get rid of this lonely night.