Rare English word to learn – What is the noun of “Fulcrum”?

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Do you know the history and correct usage of the uncommon English word “Fulcrum”?


New English words to learn, What is Fulcrum?  Fulcrum is a noun and pronounces as “FULL-krum”.

Definition :

1-a : prop; specifically: the support about which a lever turns
1-b : one that supplies capability for action
2 : a part of an animal that serves as a hinge or support

Fulcrum Origin:

Fulcrum, a word that means “bedpost” in Latin, derives from the verb fulcire, which means “to prop.”

When the word fulcrum was used in the 17th century, it referred to the point on which a lever or similar device (such as the oar of a boat) is supported. It did not take long for the word to develop a figurative sense referring to something used as a spur or justification to support a certain action.

In zoology, fulcrum can also refer to a part of an animal that serves as a hinge or support, such as the joint supporting a bird’s wing.


Fulcrum Examples:

  • A see-saw balances at its fulcrum.
  • The decision is the strategic fulcrum of the Budget.

  • There was a fulcrum point when the arguments tipped decidedly in one direction.

  • The fulcrum of the debate/argument is the individual’s right to choose.

  • The fulcrum of this balance has shifted.

  • When the toothpick was far from the fulcrum, at the fingertips, it was very difficult to break it.

  • Fulcrum plans to lease the building.

  • Pivoting on the slow death fulcrum, he felt the hot sting of his own blood spilling from him.

  • The fulcrum was the place where their fingers joined their hands.

  • Archimedes said, saying: Give me a fulcrum, I can leverage the Earth.

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