10 Simple Steps for Confidently Introducing Yourself in English

by | Dec 17, 2018 | English and Study Tips

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Useful English learning tips for beginners

Today I am going to share with you common and useful beginner dialogues learn English Conversation Introductions & greetings.

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10 Simple Steps for Confidently Introducing Yourself in English

  1. Miss Smith, may I introduce Mr Jones?
  2. Mr Jones, this is Miss Smith.
  3. Aunt Margareth, let me introduce John Smith, a schoolmate of mine.
  4. John, this is my aunt, Mrs Gill.
  5. How do you do, John.
  6. How are you, Paul.
  7. I’m very glad to meet you.
  8. Excuse me, I didn’t quite catch your name.
  9. Here is my card
  10. Let me introduce myself. My name is John Smith.




1. Miss : the call/ name for lady or unmarried woman. (no limited age)
2. Mr : abbreviation of Mister (read : mist3) means Sir
3. Mrs : abbreviation of Mistress (read : misiz)
4. ‘How do you do’ is said to each other when you meet.
5. We are not put fullstop at the abbreviations of Mr and Mrs




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