What does a good friend do and signs of a strong friendship

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What does a good friend do?


What does a good friend do and signs of a Strong Friendship?

Atruthful friendship has to be a situation in which there is mutual trust among the friends in order to understand one another much better. So that the friendship will last longer than expected.

Furthermore, friends should realize one another weakness and friends should also motivate one another by saying that God has created every human being with different talent but it depends on utilization to work the talent out.

in addition to that friends should educate one another through sharing of ideas. Hence, Friends have to unite one another and respect one another deeply, that will bring about prosperity to a truthful friendship. Friends should be counseled one another to exercise patience in economic hardship and friends should advise one another to be optimistic in a miserable situation.

Friends have to tell one another to avoid being idle in a society and community at large and friends should tell one another that an idle man is devil’ workshop. So that the loafers ( lazy people) among the friends will work hard constantly and honestly in order to succeed in life with great ambition.

Friends should admonish one another to remain positive and friends should also enlighten one another to avoid being hopeless in this world because no condition is permanent on this earth. Friends should contribute some fund collectively in order to help those who didn’t continue their education due to financial constraint.

Lastly, friends should have a compatible collaboration with one another in order to achieve their goal.

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