400 Words Essay Challenge Article – What is the basic structure of a simple English sentence?

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Learn English –  Basic structure of a simple English sentence

What is the basic structure and patterns of a simple English sentence?

A simple English sentence contains one independent clause. The simple predicate contains the verb and can also contain modifying words, phrases, or clauses. 


(Lets read about sentence)

A sentence is a word or group of words that must express a complete idea or sense or meaning and that may consist of a subject and a verb.

Also, it may have an object or a compliment and the words must be ordered properly.

– We practice English every day. (Here we is subject, practice is a verb, English is an object and every day is an adverb)

Basically, there are two parts of a sentence:-

Subject and Predicate

Subject: A subject of a sentence is a person or thing about which something is said or written.

Predicate: And the Predicate that says what the Subject does.

In the above example ‘We’ is the subject and ‘practice English everyday’ is Predicate. A sentence usually starts with a subject and then predicate comes.

N. B.: In some case like order, advice or request subject is not mentioned. It is understood.

– (You) Keep quite. 
– (You) Take care of your health.
– (I) Thank you.
And sometimes sentence starts with the predicate and then subject comes.

– Long live Bangladesh 
– Down went the Titanic.

Kinds of Sentence:

A sentence can be classified into five categories according to the meaning or functions.
They are:-

1.Assertive Sentence
2.Interrogative Sentence
3.Imperative Sentence
4.Optative Sentence
5.Exclamatory Sentence

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