Popular English Love Story – As It Happened

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Shafayet Ali Mithun (Bangadesh)

Shafayet Ali Mithun (Bangadesh)

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My classic and contemporary love poems and stories to share with you,

I love to write poems and stories because poems and stories are a better way to express one’s feelings of love and passion than through reading and sharing a poem.

Thank you!

Shafayet Ali

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As It Happened

Popular English short Love Story – As It Happened

PUBLISHED ON Dec 27,2018 BY Shafayet Ali

Excerpt: Finding true love is not that easy. As they say, “It’s better to be with someone who loves you instead to whom you love”.

He found it inside his home,

Four days before marriage:-

They are meeting for the first time. They have not seen each other even in the picture. Reason? He is her family’s choice and she wants to accept him blindly. On the other hand, he is not happy with this marriage. So he has no interest in seeing her. He has come to tell her the truth.

“Listen, I have no interest in this marriage,” He said. “I was in a serious relationship before. She left me or we broke up that does not mean that I will replace her. I still love her and I can’t give that place to anyone else. For my family, I cannot turn down this proposal. I want you to reject me and just say no to this marriage and I have not told you that you are not beautiful. We don’t have any future together. You don’t know what love is. He left. ”

Four days after marriage:-

It was so called first night for every couple to become of each other. She was in her dream bridal lehenga. Her forearm filled with golden bangles. Palm-filled with mehndi design hiding his name in it. He has to find it out today. She waits, waits and waits. Till morning he did not come. He was enjoying alcohol with friends for the whole night.

Fourteen days after marriage:-

He barely looks at her. He doesn’t want to. Let her do what she is doing. He is in no mood in relieving his ego. Even he warned her the consequence but she was showing her silent happiness. Yeah, its true he was not having any eye contact with her but was not able to resist ownself from staring at her from behind when she was busy in serving relatives, caring for his parents. She was looking happy for what she had got from this marriage.

Forty days after marriage:-

He was no longer roaming late night with friends. In spite of his ego, something was changing there. Those days, he was staying busy gazing at her when she was in the kitchen, while she relaxed, the time she washes and folds his clothes when she busy gossiping with her sister-in-law. He did not want to say her thank you and sorry but anyhow he said that. Maybe he kept her head on his chest on that day when she was suffering from fever, hugged her and whispered in her ear. He found her so soft, so cute and she had a childish look when she was in his arms.

Fourteen months after marriage:-

Finding a true love is not that easy. As they say, “It’s better to be with someone who loves you instead to whom you love”. He found it inside his home, under the roof above the bed. Nowadays they are talking a lot. She never insists him to stay at home nor to come early in evening but he has no reason to stay out. He wants her to take outside and dine her dinner at the best restaurant in the city and make her shopping from the best shopping complex. The never-ending affection makes his heart alive that was in the coma from long. It recovered and thanked her every time it beats. “I always want to be with you” he promised her million times.

Forty months after marriage:-

He is ready to accept the challenge that everyone gets once in a life by becoming a father. In between these few months, he has proven himself as a good husband. As she is pregnant now, he is cooking for her, medicating her on time, storing a variety of fruits and vegetables on the refrigerator, cutting her nails, polishing them with different nail colors, making her listen to a story and lot stuff for his love. Maybe it will remind you all of your one.

Fourteen year after marriage:-

They are the parent of two. With a cute daughter and a blessed son, their family is complete. They have every happiness. She is still the most beautiful woman for him and he thanks her for always being there with him.

Forty year after marriage:-

Somewhere in an old age home, she is lying on the bed and he is sitting there letting his hand in her hand. He barely looking around. He left everything behind and his soul mate is dying. Doctors said, “this is age effect and she has not much time”. She is so weak that she even cannot open her eyes. Keeping her head on his lap, he is wiping her tears and reminding what he promised to her.

How they reached here is a well-known story for everyone.
But as they said both went hand in hand. As promised.


© Shafayet Ali, Thank you!


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