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Shafayet Ali Mithun (Bangadesh)

Shafayet Ali Mithun (Bangadesh)

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My classic and contemporary love poems and stories to share with you,

I love to write poems and stories because poems and stories are a better way to express one’s feelings of love and passion than through reading and sharing a poem.

Thank you!

Shafayet Ali

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Love in the air

Love in the air – Excerpt: It is a magical moment everyone would have experienced during their first teenage love. Love for our life partners lasts a lifetime and so it is worth it.

Do you think that a man can live without loving anybody? DEFINITELY NOT.

The word “LOVE” has so many meanings and it does not stand only for the love for your sweethearts. Love is universal. There are many kinds of love like-love for your mother, love for your dad, love for reading books, love for drawing, love for pink and much more.

Loving people and things makes us a happy man in this world. In order to achieve happiness in our life,we need to follow the path of love. Definitely, it will lead to the path of success. Loving and being loved gives you the best of the feelings and also make you realize the ‘real you’.

Divinity lies in the love of the mother for her child. Mother’s love is the purest form of love and of course, it is our first love too. One can never forget their first love and it is eternal.

The next sweetest love for life is “FRIENDSHIP”. This love would have started for everyone when we were in kindergarten. This bond of love gives us peace, happiness, a supporting shoulder and caring words(friendly ointment that soothes our pain at times of hardships).

“FEBRUARY is the month of LOVE”-they say. It is not so. Each and every month of the year is the month of love. But February is special for some special love. Yeah, it is the love for our love( spouse).

Butterflies in the stomach, feeling speechless, stunned by his/her beauty, nervousness,intense desire to talk to them and so many feelings for a teen and they call it – “LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT”. It is a magical moment everyone would have experienced during their first teenage love. Love for our life partners lasts a lifetime and so it is worth it.

Many great people like Prophet Mohammed,Mother Teresa,Buddha and Jesus Christ widened their horizons of love. They are the real heroes who taught us what love is all about. They preached love, followed love and left their footprints in this world with love for all of us.

So, here comes the end to my words of love. These words may end with a full stop. But the love for all continues until the hell freezes over.

” Fall in love… Let the happiness catch you with a welcome smile ?


thank you, Shafayet Ali Mithun.

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