Top English Vocabulary list – 285 Most common English Words and Vocabulary List

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Top English Vocabulary list – 285 Most common English Words and Vocabulary List

Top English Vocabulary list By: Ashin Damika


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Top English Vocabulary List – 285 Most common English Words and Vocabulary List


Most common English Words and Vocabulary List From A to Z


Top English Vocabulary list Top English Vocabulary List – A


absent = not here, not present / (absent minded = not thinking of what one is doing ) / ( to absent ( oneself ) = to stay away from , not be present/n.

absence = state of being absent / absentee = one who is absent,eg.owner of land ).

ajar = not (quite) shut, (eg. door, window).

ambiguous = not clear ( as to meaning/which may be understood in more than one way ).

archaic = not used (anymore), very old, (archaism=the use of an old word or form of words no longer in common use).

artificial = not real, not by nature, ( pretended / artifice = a trick / artificer=a good work man).

askew = not straight / (out of order).

aslant = not straight( up & down) / sloping.

awake = adj. not sleeping /( active in mind) / (to wake from sleep / to excite to action/awaken=to awake).

away = not (at) home (or in the usual place / apart) / (Fall away = not to support any more / to desert ) / (To throw away = throw out as of no further use / Pass away = to die/ To work away = continue working / Right away, Straight away = at once, now / Far & away the best = much the best).

awkward = not clever(in doing or making things) / (difficult to deal with / ungraceful / To be in an awkward situation=to be in difficulties).


Top English Vocabulary list Top English Vocabulary List – B


backward = not equal (to others) / (A backward child = one who is not level in his power of thought or strength with other children of the same age )/ not eager (to act), slow / (backward = towards the back).

bastard = not real/not of the usual kind / (a child whose parents were not married).

belles-letters = not scientific writing / (writing, such as poetry, stories, etc.)

bleak = not cheerful ( cheerless ) & cold.

bleary (eyed) = not seeing well / (having red, painful eyes).

blurred = not clear ( in shape ), – as if seen through a mist).


Top English Vocabulary list Top English Vocabulary List – C


cold = not showing love / ( calm & without feeling / In cold blood=when quite calm / Throw cold water on ( a plan ) = say that it is useless or imposssible) // (opposite of hot) // (an illness causing pain in throat & running of liquid from the nose).

crude = ( of work or speech) not well finished / not polished / (bad-mannered) // (rough & bitter to taste/in the natural state ).


Top English Vocabulary list Top English Vocabulary List – D


dauntless = not afraid of anything, ( daunt=to prevent a person from acting by fear/Nothing daunted=not frightened).

defective = not complete, ( having faults / Mentally defective=not possessing the mental power of mind like other people / defect=a small faults).

deficient = not perfect / (lacking something).

deign (to) = (to be) not too proud to.

deshabille = dishabille / endeshabille = not fully dressed.

desist = not do anymore, (to cease doing).

destitute = not having, (without).

difficult = not easy / (A difficult person = one who is hard to please).

diligent = not wasting time, (& working with care).

dim = not bright / (of an idea) not clear.

direct = not going round about, (straight // to guide / to control, eg.a business / to cause to turn, eg.
Direct your eyes towards / to aim at or send to, eg. to direct a letter / to tell a person the way to a place, eg. Please direct me to the post office).

disability = (the state of) not being able / weakness / to disable=to make unable/to wound).

disagree = not to agree, (to quarrel).

discontented = not satisfied / (unhappy).

discourteous = not polite.

disgruntled = (in a bad temper through) not having got what was expected.

dissonant = not agreeing in sound.

distrait = not of the present business / (thinking of another thing).

distrust = not to have faith in.

dormant = not active / (sleeping).

downstairs = not in the upper part of the house.

dry = not wet,not interesting, (eg.of dry book) / (to take out all the water from / to dry=to make dry / To dry up=become dry / Sl.Dry up=stop talking / dryer = more dry, an instrument or machine used for drying).

dull = not keen (of sight or other senses) / not bright or clear( of light, sounds, pain ) /n ot sharp(eg.aknife/not active( / (slow in understanding/uninteresting).


Top English Vocabulary list Top English Vocabulary List – E


earthbound = not caring for higher things of life.

easy = not difficult / free from care or pain / (comfortable) / (Easy! Easy! = go slowly or gently / an easygoing person = one who does not trouble or other people / easy-chair = a large comfortable chair).

eclectic = not following one opinion (but choosing ideas here & there).

erratic = not regular in movement / ( [of behavior] — one can never tell what an erratic person will do next).

erroneous = not correct / (mistaken).

even = 1. not rough, (eg.An even surface / Even with the ground = level with / I’ll get even with him = will do as much harm to him as he has done to me) 2. (regular), not changing; (Even-tempered=calm, not easily made angry) 3.An even number=a number which can be divided by 2 // (even=just at the moment, eg.Even as I spoke / I even gave him my own shoes: here even shows that one did more than might be expected/even if = although).

expedient = not right but useful / (action) well fitted to a certain state of things, or wise at a certain time / (n.expediency=thinking of what is useful or helpful, rather than of what is right.

extraneous = not belonging to the special group being studied, spoken of, etc., (foreign).

extravaganza = (a book, play, piece of music, etc.) which does not follow common rules and is full of strange ideas.


Top English Vocabulary list Top English Vocabulary List – F


fable = (a fanciful story of something) which could not happen,eg.a fairy story; (a story with a moral [ = a teaching about good behaviour)/ (fabulous=concerned with fables/impossible to believe / unbelievable large).

face-value = (the value marked on a piece of money,stamp,etc.) not always its real value.

factitious = not natural but made by man/untrue/unnatural(of behaviour).

failure = (the act of)not succeeding/(failure to report=not reporting when one ought).

faint = not bright / (adj.lacking in strength / difficult to hear,see,etc. / (n.a sudden loss of all feeling caused by illness or shock / faint-hearted=having little courage).

false = (wrong); not true; not faithful or loyal; (a false note=a wrong note in music, or something which is not in good taste / falsehood=an untruth / falsify=to make untrue).

fancy-free = not loving or wanting to marry anyone.

far = not near,(at a distance, distance in time) / (How far can you go?=to what distance? / Far be it from me to = I would not dare to / He will go far=be very successful) // (very much [better,etc.] / Far stronger = much stronger / Far & away better = very much better/adj.distant; It is a far cry to —= a long way / few & far between = not often found) / (far-fetched=unreasonable; foolish / far-seeing [far-sighted] = wise & thinking of the future / farther = more distant / farther most=the most distance).

few = not many / (A few = not many but more than one would expect/Every few (days) = once in a group of a few —/ A good few = a rather large number).

fiction = not a fact; (anything which is only imagined / a story / the art of writing stories / adj.fictitious).

fiddlesticks! = not good sense [=nonsense], (foolishness).

fitful = not regular, (unsteady).

flabby = not firm/(soft/lacking in strength of character.

fluke = (unexpected fortune); He did it by a fluke = not by good play or good judgment, (by chance) // (fluke = a small flat creature found in the liver of diseased sheep / a flat fish // the broad flattened end of a fish’s tail / the flat point of an anchor).

forehand (stroke ) = ([lawn-tennis] to hit the ball in the usual way)not backhand when the back of the hand is turned away from the face).

forget = not to remember

forgive = (to forget a wrong); not to punish nor be angry at a wrong.

fraud = (trick/dishonesty) / He is a fraud = not what he pretends to be / (adj. fraudulent).

free = 1. (able to do what one wish),not tied, not in prison, not control by rules / (Free speech = the right to say what one thinks/The way is free= open, with nothing to stop one / The free end of a rope = not tied down) / 2. easy, graceful / (Free & easy = friendly & simple, not stiff & ceremonial / Free with his money, Free-handed = generous / 3. not busy, not already being used by someone else / (I am free tomorrow morning = not busy, can see you/Have you any room free ?= not in use) / 4 given without payment / (Free-trade=trade allowing foreign goods to come into the country without payment / Free will=the idea that one’s future & fortune are not fixed by fate).

fresh = (1.newly grown, newly made / 2.smelling,tasting or looking clean & new) / 3.not experienced, eg. A freshman(fresher) = one in his first year at the University / 4.not seen or heard before, eg. Have you any fresh news / 5.not tired / 6.(of water or meat)not salt.

frivolous = not serious / (foolish / too interested in light & amusing things / n.fivolity).

frugal = careful not to waste,, food / (A frugal meal=a simple meal not costing much).

fuddled = not able to think clearly because one has drunk too much wine.

fug = l.not fresh hot air / (adj.fuggy / To fug indoor = to stay in a hot room).

fugitive = (one who is running away from the law / escaping ) / nit lasting very long.

fusty = (having a bad), not fresh,smell.


Top English Vocabulary list Top English Vocabulary List – G


gentile = not a Jew.

gentle = (kind), not rough / slow & soft / (Of gentle breeding = of good birth / A gentle blow = not a hard blow / A gentle slope = not a steep hill / A gentle wind=not strong.

gordian = (To cut the Gordian knot) = not to untie a knot but to cut through it) / not to find a way out of difficulty but to settle the question by force.

gratuitous = (free, without payment) / not asked for / ( unwanted / A gratuitous insult = rude words (or actions) when one has done nothing to deserve them).


Top English Vocabulary list Top English Vocabulary List – H


half-hearted = not eager.

hard = (difficult) / not soft/ (unkind,cruel or unjust / (A hard & fast rule=a rule which cannot be changed / a hard voice = one which is not musical/hard of hearing = not able to hear clearly/hard cash(real money) = eg.not just a promise to pay/Prices are hard=are high & will not become lower.

hard-bitten = (Am.having a strong will), not easily guided.

hardly = not quite.

hard-mouthed = (of a horse)not easily driven or guided/(using rough speech).

homely = ( homelike or causing one remember home / Homely speech = simple common speech / Homely fare=simple food) / Am. not good looking / ([in Australia] friendly & very kind to guests).


Top English Vocabulary list Top English Vocabulary List – I


illicit = not lawful.

illogical = not according to reason.

imaginary = (imagined), not real / (imagine=to form a picture of a thing in the mind / to believe without proof).

immune = (free from) / not able to be attacked by, eg. I have had that disease & so am immune =—& so cannot be attacked by it again.

impalpable = not able to be felt because so fine.

impartial = not favoring one side/(just).

impertinent = not polite, not showing proper respect.

imperturbable = (calm) / not easily made angry or excited.

impervious = not allowing to pass through, (eg.Rubber is impervious to liquid/He is impervious to reason=cannot be made to understand).

improvident = not looking to the future, eg. not laying aside money for future needs.

impudent = (rude) / not showing proper respect.

inapt = not skillful / not concerned with the matter which is being talked about.

incoherent = (of the expression of an idea) in bad order, not well arranged / ( [of a person] unable to express his ideas clearly).

Incommensurable = (of two things)not able to be compared with each other, not able to be measured the one with the other / (compare=to set side by side & notice the sameness or difference).

incommensurate = not equal,not enough.

incongruous = not suitable or suiting, not agreeing with,(eg.a lady hat on a man).

inconsequential = not following the natural order, not making sense,(eg.I am ill but it is raining).

inconsiderable = (small) / not worth nothing.

incorrigible = not able to be set right or made to behave well/(hopelessly bad).

incredulous = (disbelieving), not willing to believe.

indecent = not proper / ([of behaviour] dirty & low).

indecorous = not according to good manners.

indefatigable = (untiring) / not resting until one has obtained one’s purpose.

indelible = not able to be rubbed out or cleaned off, (eg.indelible pencil).

Indelicate = not such(a thing) as a nice person would say or do.

independent = not controlled by or depending on another / (self-governing/free to live one’s own life & think one’s own thoughts/having enough money to live without working).

indeterminate = (uncertain) / not fixed in time, place or meaning.

indifferent = not interested in or not caring for / (without any very good or bad qualities, eg.An indifferent book).

indigenous = (born or produced in the country), not foreign.

indiscriminate = not choosing carefully.

indoor(s) = (in the house), not in the open air.

indubitable = not able to be doubted / (certain).

insubordinate = not obeying higher officers—–*insular=(of an island) / Insular ideas= (narrow), not thinking of other nations.

intractable = not easily controlled/(unwilling to obey).

intransigent = not willing to come to an agreement.

involuntary = not under control of the will / (involuntarily=without meaning to do it).

invulnerable = not able to be wounded.

irrefragable = not able to be proved untrue.

irreparable = not able to be repaired.

irresolute = not decided & so unable to act/(weak in character).

irresponsible = not caring about the results of one’s acts/not to be trusted to do work carefully.

irrevocable = not able to be changed, eg. Am.irrevocable decision, (decision= act of deciding).


Top English Vocabulary list Top English Vocabulary List – J

J has not common, popular and top English vocabulary list.


Top English Vocabulary list Top English Vocabulary List – K

K has not common, popular and top English vocabulary list.


Top English Vocabulary list Top English Vocabulary List – L


(at) large = not in prison / (large=taking up more space / able to contain a great amount/big) / (To the world at large=all people/largely=in great amount,chiefly).

late = not long ago,eg.The late headmaster=the headmaster before the present one, the headmaster who is just dead/
(after the proper time / far on in time / of late years = in the last few years).

lately = not long ago.

lawless = not keeping the law (law = a rule made by Government and the King).

landstrum = not the regular army (part of the German armey [ till 1918] which called up in special danger,and in which men over sixty years of age served).

lazy = not liking work / (lazy-bones=a lazy person/to laze=to be lazy).

leisure (time) = (time) not given to work / (To be at leisure=to be free/not working).

leisurely = (slowly) / not in a hurry.

less = not so much, taken from / ( lessen = to make less/the lesser = the smaller).

level = (flat), not hilly, (Sl.On the level = honest / to level = to make flat).

level-headed = not easily excited

light = not dark/(light colour,eg.light blue= not deep or dark in colour).

light = not heavy / (active,graceful)/not serious or painful, (eg. A light attack of illness / A light punishment / light reading = not difficult to understand/(amusing book etc.) // (light = ray by which we see / give light to, to set fire to).

like = not different from / (eg. That’s just like your foolishness = that is the foolish sort of thing which you often do / that is something like I = just what I wanted / We shell not see he like again=not see a man like him—) // like = to find pleasant / Sl.I like that != I am surprised at that & it does not please me / I do not like to trouble you= not wish to —/ am sorry to—).

loose = not tight/not controlled by rule or law) / (A loose life = bad way if living / He has a screw loose = is mad / Play fast & loos e= behave dishonestly or foolishly / At a loose end = having nothing to do / loosen = to make loose) / (free, uncontrolled / To break loose = to escape, to become free/loose cash =money not locked up).

low = not high / (In a low voic e= speaking quietly / [in music] deep / Of low rank=not noble / A low fellow = bad / Low-down = dishinest / To lie low=keep quiet, not be active / To be laid low = be killed / low-brow = a person not interested in good music or books) // (low = to make the noise of a cow)


Top English Vocabulary list Top English Vocabulary List – M


masculine = not woman, (having to do with men / strong) / (in language the opposite of feminine, eg.[he] is a masculine word,[she]is a feminine word).

mere = (only), not more than (merely = only).

misdoubt = not to trust,(to feel uncertain).

mistake = not to understand, (to form a wrong opinion / to take one person or thing for another / an incorrect thought or action / and no mistake = without a doubt.

moist = not dry / (moisture=wetness).

muddled = not clear, not well arranged / (muddle = a disorderly heap / to muddle = to make disorder, to cause a plan to fail / To muddle along = to be busy without a clear plan)


Top English Vocabulary list Top English Vocabulary List – N


nameless = not name / (too bad to be spoken of) / (name = the word by which a person or thing is known / namely = that is to say, I mean / namesake = a person having the same name as another).

natural = not by man / (produced by the force of the earth & weather // naturally = according to nature / of course /as expected).

near = not far away / close // (very careful of one’s money).

nebulous = not clearly seen or understood, cloudy / (nebula = a cloud of brightly burning gas or small stars seen in the sky).

(stiff) nacked = not yielding to control or reason / ( neck = part of the body between the head & the shoulders).

needless = not necessary.

negligible = not worth troubling about.

negligent = not taking care / (neglect=to take no care of/to fail to do).

neither – nor = not this, not that.

never = not at any time / (Well I never!=I am surprised).

new = not old, fresh, not seen before / (lacking experience).

nonchalant = not eager.

noncommittal = not telling what one intends to do.

nondescript = not easily described, peculiar.

nonsense =not sense, silly talk.


Top English Vocabulary list Top English Vocabulary List – O


obdurate = not easily moved from an opinion.

object (to) = (to dislike) / not agree to / (objection = disagreement / objectionable = nasty, unpleasant ) // (object=1.a thing / 2.a word telling the person or thing to whom an action was done / 3.purpose).

obsolete = not now in used / (of an old kind not such as is now used).

obstinate = not giving up an opinion, not move by reasoning, (unwilling to obey).

obtuse = 1.not sharp, (an angle greater than a right angle [the corners of a square are right angles] ).

odd = not one if a set, eg. An odd shoe=only one shoe / peculiar / odd number = 1,2, ⅓3, etc. / odd job = not regular employment / one hundred odd = about one hundred / (oddity = peculiarity,an unusual person / odds = (The odds are 2 to 1 on = here are two chances [probabilities] to 1 in favour of) / (odds & ends=loose bits of things left over).

off = adj. not on / (more distant, eg.The off side =—far—/ Put off = to delay to a late date / An off day=a day of no work / Sl. the fish is a bit off = not fresh / Off & on=sometimes, not always / off colour = [of a jewel] of bad colour / [of a person]not in good health).

omit = (to miss out) not write or say a certain word or not read a certain part of a book / (to omit to=to fail to,not to do/n.omission).

opaque = not allowing light to pass through / (n.opacity)—–.ep nothing secret/to open=to cause to open / open-handed=generous / openly=not secretly).

operetta = a light(not serious) musical play.

original = (earliest) / new,not like any other / ( thinking & acting for oneself / peculiar in behaviour / originally = in the beginning / in a way not copied from other people/originality = new ideas/originate=to cause to begin, to start-


Top English Vocabulary list Top English Vocabulary List – P


peculiar = (one’s own) / not like any other / (strange)

poltroon = not a brave person (a man who is not brave)

pusillanimous = not brave or generous

Top English Vocabulary list Top English Vocabulary List – Q


Q has not common, popular and top English vocabulary list.


Top English Vocabulary list Top English Vocabulary List – R


rarely = not often/ (rare = thin, eg. not often found & therefore valuable / To have a rare time= to enjoy oneself greatly / Am. lightly cooked [meat]).

reckless = not caring about danger / (careless about the result / Rack nothing of = not care about, not be afraid of)

refrain (for doing) = not to do, prevent oneself doing / ( refrain = part of a song which is repeated).

remember = to have in mind, not to forget / (He wishes to be remembered to you=he sends his greetings / rememberance= act of remembering a thing which causes one to remember).

remiss = not attending to duty, (careless).

republic = (a country) governed not by a King but by persons elected by the people.

rickety = not steady.

risque (story) = (a story) which is in danger of not being polite.

(to) rule (out) = to say that a matter may not be considered/(to rule=to govern,to control/n.rule=a law or custom followed by all).


Top English Vocabulary list Top English Vocabulary List – S


scant, scanty = not enough.

second-rate = not the best,(second-best).

second-hand = not new, (bought from another) / (second = next after the first / second-sight = power of seeing things happening far away or in the future).

secret = not to be made known to others / (The secret service=persons paid by a Government to find out the plan of an enemy/n.secrecy).

shapeless = not having a regular shape / ( shape = the form of a thing / a hollow form into which liquid is poured and take out when it has become solid / to shape e= to cut or press into a certain form / My son is shaping well at school=is getting on in a promising way).

short = not long; not tall; not enough / (Selling short = selling more than one actually has / a shortage = a lack of, not enough of).

shy = (easily frightened; careful) / not sure of oneself in the company of others / [of a horse] to stand up on the back legs) // (shy=to throw; Sl. Have a shy at=make a attempt).

sickly = not having strong health / (color) an unpleasant weak color) / (sick=ill/To be sick=To throw up food from the stomach / [Eng. I was sick=threw up food, Am. = was ill]).

side = not the end, eg. the side of a box/adj.not in the main road, eg.Aside road/(edge,eg.The side if a square/surface, eg. One side of a sheet of paper/direction, eg. Look on the right-hand side/group, eg. On the side of the Government, To take a side, To side with=to agree with and help).

silent = not speaking or making a noise / ( quiet/ n.silence).

simple = (plain,unmixed) / not clever / (simpletom  = a fool / simplicity = the condition of being simple / simply = in a plain way / simply terrible=very bad, as bad as possible).

sincere = (of feeling) not pretend, (real).

s’ine q’ua n’on = ([Latin], without which, not)a necessary part of an agreement.

single = (only one )/ not married / (In single file = a line of men one behind the other / To single out = to choose one special person or thing / single-handed = without help).

sinuous = not straight, but bending from side to side.

sit up (late) = not go to bed.

skimp = not to supply enough of / not to use enough material or labor in a piece of work.

skimpy = not large enough,narrow.

(a) slacker = a lazy person who does not do his duty / ( slack = not tight / lazy & careless / slack water = the time when the ses is not coming in nor going out / slacks=loose trouser//slack=coal dust).

Slang = (words commonly used in speech) but not always considered suitable or cirrect/(to slang=to scold).

sloping = not flat or upright, like the side of a hill / (slope=to lean, to be not upright / a slope=a leaning side, nither flat nor upright / slops=loose-fitting clothes bought ready to wear).

slow = not fast, not clever, (uninteresting / The clock is slow = behind the right time / A slowcoach = a person who is slow in thought & action // slow-worm=a small harmless black-brown snake ).

small = not large, (little, unimportant / To look(feel) small =—foolish, ashamed//small-arms=weapons especially guns which can be carried by soldiers).

snub = (to behave rudely & coldly to a person)whose behaviour does not please one / (A snub nose=a short thick nose).

soft = not hard / (of colour) not bright / (of sound)not loud / (of lines in a picture)not sharp,not clear // ( [of speech]gentle/ [of person]kind, weak /Sl. He is a bit soft [in the head] =—mad)/ / Soft water = not chalky — / Soft drink = not wine or strong drink) —–soi-disan t= eg. A soi-disant soldier = (he called himself a soldier) but really is not one.

solicitor = (one who advises on law) but dies not apoear in court.

sophist = (one whose reasoning is clever) but not true.

sophisticated = not natural / (too wise ill the ways of the world).

so so = not good, not bad.

soulless = not having any fine feelings / (soul = man’ spirit / a man’s real nature or character / soulful = seeming to be full of fine feeling).

(of) sound (mind) = not mad / (sound= unbroken / healthy / strong / Sound sleep=deep—/ a sound reason = good—// sound = wave in the air which cause hearing in the ear / to sound = to cause to make a noise // sound = to measure the depth of water // sound=a long narrow piece of water).

special = not general / not for general use / not the usual.

porting = (having to do with sport), not angry at losing a game / (sport= amusement / outdoor exercise / hunting, shooting, & fishing / a sport = one who play honestly; ome who is not angry when he loses / He said at in sport =–
– to amuse,not meaning it / To make sport of = to cause people to laught at / It is a sporting chance= not probable but just possible/a sportsman=one who love sport).

spurious = not real, but made to look like the real, eg.paper money printed bythieves (pl.of thief).

stable =( steady), not easily changed.

stale = not fresh / (heard before).

stationary = not meant to be moved about, eg. A stationary engine / To remain stationary = to stay still // (stationery = writing materials, eg.paper,pen,etc.).

steadfast = not changing, (determined).

stealthy = (acting in such a way as) not to be noticed, (secret) / n.stealth/ ( steal = to take away secretly a thing which belongs to another;to move quietly).

stint = not to give enough of.

stock-still = (quite still), not moving.

stolid = not easily excited.

straight = (direct),not bent,(honest) / (straight away = at onc e/ straight forward = adj.honest).

strange = not one’s own/not well known/(foreign / peculiar / a stranger = a fireigner, a person whom one does not know).

Subdued = (colour) not bright / (sound,voice) quiet/ (subdu e= to conquer)


Top English Vocabulary list Top English Vocabulary List – T


taboo = (to set a thing apart ordering)that is not to be touch nor spoken of / (to forbid) / (a taboo = sat apart, forbidden).

tame = not wild,not fierce / (spiritless & uninteresting).

temperate = (self-controlled); not eating or drinking too much/(of parts of the earth)not very hot or cold / (temperance = a state of self-control, not eating too much / a temperance meeting=a meeting to urge people to stop drinking wine).

tentative = not fixed, but said or done as a trial to see the result / (A tentative opinion=one give in order to hear what people say in the answer).

thick = not thin; (wide,broad) / (A thick wood = trees close together / Thick liquid =– -which does not flow easily / Thick voice = not clear / thick-headed = not able to understand / Sl.That’s a bit thick = that is too bad, more than I can allow / Through thick-and-thin= through all difficulties / As thick as thieves [pl.of thief] = very friendly).

thick-skinned = one who does not notice (or does not care about)other people’s bad opinion of him.

thin = not thick, not deep, not broad, eg.A thin sheet of paper/(having little fat, eg.Thin & hungry looking / A thin liquid = one which pours easily / A thin-skinned person=one whose feeling are easily hurt ( = who is easily made angry).

thoughtless = not considering others, (careless) / (thought = p.t & p.p of think / an act of thinking / A thought less=slightly less).

threaten = (to say that one will do harm)if a person does not act as desired/(threatening=seeeming as if it will do harm/a threat=a saying one will do harm if a person does not act as desired).

thrift = (carefulness), not wasting money.

tight = (firmly held) / not easily loosened/fitting closely /(Money is tight=—scarce[=few & hard to find]/
A tight corner = a difficult & dangerous set of conditions / Sl.Tight = drunk / tights = close fitting clothes worn by persons giving a public show of dancing,rope-walking,etc.).

timid,timorous= easily frightened,not daring.

tired (of) = (having already had too much of), and so not wanting any more,eg.I’m tired of boiled eggs = I have eaten so many boiled eggs lately that I do not want to eat any more / (tiresome = causing one to be tired or angry).

titular = (having to do with a title); (having the name)but not the power an office.

tough = not easily torn,leather/(of a man)string & daring / (A tough=a dangerous bad man / Sl.Tough luck=bad fortune).

tourney = (a meeting of knights to fight each other as a game), not as in battle.

transitory = not lasting long, soon changing or disappearing.

treacherous = (disloyal,deceiving),not to be trusted / (n. treachery = disloyal act).

trial = an act of trying (examining) whether a thing is good (true, etc.) or not / (an examining of a prisoner in a court of law to see if he has done wrong/trouble or difficulty).

trite = not fresh or new, eg.A trite saying.

truck = (changing goods for goods)not for money/(paying for labor with goods) not money / (To have no truck with=to have nothing to do with//a truck=a low cart used on the road or on a railway line for heavy goods.


Top English Vocabulary list Top English Vocabulary List – U


ugly = not beautiful,unpleasant to look at / (It look ugly =—dangerous / An ugly customer=a dangerous person).

unassuming = not proud, not drawing attention to oneself,(quiet in behavior).

unaware = not knowing/Taken unawares=surprised by some action for which one was not prepared.

unbecoming = not according to good manners/not well suited, eg. She has an unbecoming hat.

understate = not to say fully,(to say less than the truth).

unfeigned = (real),not pretended.

unless = if not,except when.

unpremeditated = not thought out before,(done without planning).

unstrung = eg.His nerves are all unstrung=his mind & feelings are not under full control.

unwary = (careless), not looking out for danger.

unwitting = not knowing, not intending.

unwritten law = the public feeling which considers certain acts not allowable even though there is no law against them-

uppish = (pushing oneself forward), not showing respect for older & wiser people.


Top English Vocabulary list Top English Vocabulary List – V


vague = not properly understood, not clearly expressed.

virtual = actually, though not in name, eg. The virtual head of the business/object of virtu = a precious & beautiful object


Top English Vocabulary list Top English Vocabulary List – W


wake = (to cease sleeping)/not to go to sleep / (to wake, wake up,waken=to cause a person to cease sleeping / to excite).

wakeful = not sleeping, not feeling for the desire for sleep / (wake = a watching all night by the dead /a feast // a track behind a ship moving through water / In the wake of = following).

wayward = (uncontrolled), not obeying orders.

weak = not strong / not able to stand up against attack/not able to do a thing well / (weaken=to make weaker, to become weaker / weakling = a weak person).

wet = not dry / (A wet State = a part of America in which strong drink may be sold / Am l weak = useless).

wild = (living in the natural state) / not turned to the use of man / (fierce / uncontrolled, eg. Wild living = a careless & foolish way of living / Wild with joy = uncontrollably excited because of —/ wild talk = foolish uncontrolled talk / He is wild about her=he loves her very much).

wake = (to cease sleeping) / not to go to sleep /(to wake, wake up,waken=to cause a person to cease sleeping / to excite).

wakeful = not sleeping, not feeling for the desire for sleep/( wake = a watching all night by the dead/ a feast // a track behind a ship moving through water/In the wake of = following).

willy-nilly = whether(he)wants it or not.

(to) wink (at) = to allow while pretending not to allow / (wink=to shut one eye without moving the other / to give a secret sign to a person in this way / Forty winks = a short sleep).

wistful = (sadly eager for) / desiring what can probably not be obtained.

withhold = to keep back, not to give.

without = outside, not having / (That goes without saying=is so clear, so well known, or well agreed, that there is no need to say it.

woolly =(made of or looking like wool) / not clear.

worldly (person) = one not interested in things of the spirit / (world=the earth & sky/the earth & its people/all people on the earth / a part of life or a group of people or things in which one is interested, eg. The world of school,The animal world/For all the world like=exactly like/The next world=life after death,heaven)—–*wrest=the force word to mean what they do not naturally mean // (to pull away, I wrested the sword from him // to get with difficulty / to wrest a bare living from the soil = by hard work get just enough to live on).

wrong = not right/not according to fact / not fitted for the purpose / To get hold of the wrong end of the stick=to think just the opposite of what is correct//(unjust, eg. She did him wrong = did harm to him/Put me in the wrong=make it seems as if it was my fault).


Top English Vocabulary list Top English Vocabulary List – X

X has not common, popular and top English vocabulary list.


Top English Vocabulary list Top English Vocabulary List – Y


young = not old / ( We need young blood=need some younger persons in our group / The night is young = it is not late / youngster = a child).


Top English Vocabulary list Top English Vocabulary List – Z

Z has not common, popular and top English vocabulary list.


Top English Vocabulary list Top English Vocabulary List Word Count


Total top English vocabulary list and word counts are:

A) 9  (B) 6 (C) 2 (D) 23 (E) 9 (F) 25 (G) 4 (H) 6 (I) 42
(J) & (K) have none
(L)15 (M) 6 (N) 15 (O) 12 (P) 3
(Q) has none
(R) 9 (S) 46 (T) 21 (U) 13 (V) 2 (W) 16
(X) has none
(Y) 1
(Z) has none

All are (285) of English words and Vocabulary.

So by reading this post, you would have learned a total of 285 new English words and vocabulary. You would have improved and expanded your English vocabulary list.



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