Best ever Inspirational Farsi Persian Quotes, Poems, Poetry in English

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Davra Logan

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I belong to no religion.

My religion is love.

Every heart is my temple.”


Best ever Inspirational Farsi Persian quotes, Poems, Poetry in English by Rumi, Nadia Anjuman and AHMAD SHAMLU.

Translated by Davra Logon.

The Persian literature is rich in poetry and proverbs so some verses can be used as quotes.

The Night’s Poetry

It is night_a poem kindles my thought
Eagerness combs my voice like knotted hair
What kind of fire quenches thirst
What scent excites the body of my air
I don’t know which mountain, which mountain of my desire
Blows a fresh breeze through my hot solstice
From a bright cloud falls such pure light___
There is no need for my crying
Sparks pour from my sighs like stars
The pigeon of prayer nestles in my empyrean
My wild tears fall on each Line of his book
Look how they flow needlessly__my God
After volumes of each word, a Mahshar of my every thought,
Comes rebirth after an era of my quiet
Morning, don’t tear at the silk of my illusion
I swear to the night__it kindles my thoughts……

Nadia Anjuman

Over the past, it’s gone.
Don’t stress about the
Future, it hasn’t arrived.
Life in the present and 
Make it beautiful……

Davra Logon


When we will find our dove’s, a day when
Kindness will unit (will take the hands of)
Beauty. A day, when the minimum (least)
Song is ‘kiss’, and each person is a brother
To other person. A day when no one will
Close the door of his house to others.
Locks will be found in the myths (tales)
Only, and hearts will be enough for living.
He is talking about a day when the meaning
Of each word is love, and nobody will have to
Look for words to express his feeling. A day when the rhythm of each words is ‘life’, and
You will not have to suffer.
Difficulties to compose a poem. A day when
Each lip is a song, and kiss will become the Least song. He ends his work by saying: “a day,
When you will come, you will come forever, and
Kindness and beauty will become equal. A day
When we will feed our doves again. And I will be waiting for that day even if I will be no more
(To see that day)………


is like a book.
Some chapters are
Sad, some are
Happy, and some
Are exciting, but
If you never turn
The page, you will
Never know what
The next chapter
has in store

Davra Logon


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