Mom quotes from daughter

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Lawrence Izabell

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Your arms were always open when I needed a hug.

Your heart understood when I needed a friend.

Your gentle eyes were stern when I needed a lesson.

Your strength and love have guided me and given me wings to fly.

Mom quotes from daughter.

Sarah Malin

Mom quotes from daughter


The Powerful Message and Quotes About A Mother’s Love For Daughter and Son



Thank you, “youtube\Marc Mero”.




Here are some quotes for mom from daughter for mother’s day or any day.


Mothers are trusted by God.

because souls are entrusted in their care.

To realize this is to realize the crucial role that mothers play in the lives of their children.

She has great influence over them,

which is why mothers need to exercise wisdom and righteousness throughout the days of her life.

Lawrence Izabell

The role of the Mother in the Family.

She is the “sun” because her self-sacrificing generosity is ever operative in diffusing love.

Her affectionate and provident attentions are consistently and delicately attuned to bring cheer to her husband and children.

In this way, she “diffuses light and warmth about herself. And if then it is said that a marriage is successful, when each of the spouses upon contracting it, contemplates not his own happiness but that of the other party, this noble feeling and intention, even though the concern of both, is nevertheless mainly that of the woman, born as she is with the instinct of a mother and the wisdom of the heart; that wisdom which, if pained, desires to return only joy and if humiliated, wants to return only dignity and respect, like the sun that cheers the cloudy morning with its light and gilds the clouds with rays at its settings”

Lawrence Izabell

Also my top 7 tips for being a good mentor in your school or workplace, 


Top 7 Qualities of a Good Mentor.

  • 1. Willingness to Share Skills, Knowledge, and Expertise.
  • 2. Demonstrates a Positive Attitude and Acts as a Positive Role Model.
  • 3. Takes a Personal Interest in the Mentoring Relationship.
  • 4. Exhibits Enthusiasm in the Field.
  • 5. Values Ongoing Learning and Growth in the Field.
  • 6. Provides Guidance and Constructive Feedback.
  • 7. Respected by Colleagues and Employees in All Levels of the Organization.

Thank you for reading my quotes for mom from daughter. Please love your mum and give her a hug every day! 

Lawrence Izabell




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