English Class – Top 16 words to know start with Letter L

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Irrigators channel waters;

fletchers straighten arrows;

carpenters bend wood;

the wise master themselves.


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My free English classes and lessons, 16 common but useful words that start with Letter L, you should add to your word vocabulary now, Thank you.Ashin Damika


English Letters J and K have no words for NOT + (one or one+). Thank you.


English Class – Top 16 words to know start with Letter L



landstrum = not the regular army (Part of the German army (till 1918) which called up in special danger, and in which men over sixty years of age served ).

(at) large

(at) large = not in prison / (large = taking up much space / able to contain a great amount / big) / (To the world at large = all people / largely = in great amount / chiefly).


late = not long ago, eg. The late headmaster = the headmaster before the present one,the headmaster who is just dead / (after the proper time/far on in time/of late years=in the last few years).


lately = not long ago


lawless = not keeping the law (law = a rule made by Government & King)


lazy = not liking work / (lazy bones = a lazy person / to laze =t o be lazy).

leisure (time)

leisure (time) = (time) not given to work / (To be at leisure = (to be free )  /not working).


leisurely = (slowly) / not in a hurry.





less = not so much,taken from / (lessen=to make less / the lesser = the smaller)


level = (flat) / not hilly / (On the level=honest / to level=to make flat).


level-headed = not easily excited


light = not dark  /(light colour ,eg .light blue = not deep or dark in colour).

light = not heavy

light = not heavy / (active,graceful) / not serious or painful, (eg.A light attack of illness/a light punishment / light reading = not difficult to understand / (amusing book etc.))  /(light = ray by which we see / (verb) to give light to, to set fire to).


like = not different from / (eg.That is just like your foolishness = that is the foolish sort of thing which you often do / Ah! that’s something like I = just what I wanted / We shell not see his like again = not see a man like him —-) / (like = to find pleasant / Sl. I like that! = I am surprised at that & it does not please me / I do not like to trouble you = not wish to—– / am sorry to——).


loose = not tight / not controlled by rule or law / (A loose life = bad way of living / He has a screw loose = is mad / play fast & loose = behave dishonestly or foolishly / At a loose end = having nothing to do / loosen = to make loose ) / (free, uncontrolled / To break loose = to escape, to become free / loose cash = money not locked up).


low = not high / (In a low voice=speaking quietly / (in music) deep / Of low rank = not noble / A low fellow = bad / Low-down = dishonest / To lie low = keep quiet, not be active / To be laid low = be killed/low-brow = a person not interested in good music or books) / (low = to make the noise of a cow).





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