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by Feb 15, 2019English Listening and speaking tips

Megan Noel Wilber

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Megan Noel Wilber is an experienced English conversation tutor from America.

Learn English Speaking with Megan Noel Wilber


Learn English Speaking Lesson 1 – How to call someone or address someone?



Hi everyone. This is Megan.

Today I wanted to talk about how to address someone, Or how to call someone of course.

If you meet someone randomly on the street or perhaps, if you work, in a store or hotel, and people don’t say their names.
You can address them as Sir, Mister, Ma’am, madam or miss. Those are all appropriately.
But many times, you meet someone and they introduce themselves by name .so you might say hi my name is Sarah, and they say it’s nice to meet you Sarah.

My name is Jonathan. The name is Jonathan you can address him as Jonathan.

People want to maybe call him John or Johnny. But if he doesn’t Indicate that his name then you shouldn’t.

You can call him like that on the other hand. if he says my name is Jonathan but everyone calls me John Or everyone calls me Johnny.

Then that’s an invitation to address him as John or Johnny.

Or perhaps even Jonathan then you can kind of take your pick what you would prefer to call him.

My name is Megan but every now and then some people want to call me Meg but I introduce myself with Megan.
I don’t particularly like being called me.

If someone is a little bit older than you are and you don’t know.

Then it might be appropriate to address them as Mister or Mrs and their last name so Mister Smith or Mister Smith.

Yes Sir, Mister or Mrs is usually considered proper was of address older people.


Thank you for watching my Learn English Speaking Lesson 1 – How to call someone or address someone video. I hope you found it helpful.

Megan Noel Wilber



Learn English Speaking with Megan Noel Wilber


Learn English Speaking Lesson 2 – How would you describe your culture?



Hello, everyone, my name is Megan and I had a question for everyone in the group.

Because we’re from so many different countries I was curious if you would tell me something about your country.

I think it’s fun when we can learn from each other about each other’s cultures lives.

So you know share something fun with the rest of us, something that you like about your country, something that might be interesting for the rest of us to know who don’t live there.

Maybe share an interesting place that you have visited or historical site

Maybe about your everyday life may be something that is a famous food.

So I’m just curious I think it would be fun and I would really like to hear what different people have to say about their parts of the world.

I’m from the U. S. but I’ve spent the last sixteen years in Europe. So I was for fifteen years and another one so now I’ve been for half the year in Romania.

I think the biggest thing I like about living in Romania is that the city that I live in Constanzo is the oldest continuously occupied city in Romania. It was founded around six hundred BC.

The area that I I live in I can see ruins from there you know the original city that was built here and being an American it’s really really fascinating and wonderful to walk down the street and see a wall from two thousand years ago.

Or a pox on display or some kind of motif. So I love that I’m surrounded by this ancient history and lying I get to see it every single day when I wake up and I go outside so that makes me very happy.

Share something about your culture or your town or your country that you find interesting and let us learn a little bit about your culture.

Thank you for watching Learn English Speaking Lesson 2 – How would you describe your culture video. I hope you found it helpful.

Megan Noel Wilber





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