Lemon English Idioms – 127 Expressions

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Lemon English Idioms and Health Benefits

Hi, everyone. the Lemon English Idioms – 127 Expressions blog post is one of my “Learn English Through English Idioms and English Expressions” series blog posts. I hope you enjoy reading my Lemon English Idioms – 127 Expressions blog post and find it to be useful.

What are the Health Benefits of lemons?

In this learn lemon English Idioms video section. We are going to show you the top health benefits of lemon water. In this popular youtube video by the well know youtube channel “HealingPowerHour”  has clearly explained ” lemons could do more than just add a little extra flavor to water? From taming inflammation and hindering kidney stones to boosting antioxidants and fighting disease, the potential health benefits of lemon are too numerous to mention them all.” Also here are the 7 top health benefits of lemon water as summarised by this well know medically reviewed blog post written by Annette McDermott, from Healthline blog post “ 7 Ways Your Body Benefits from Lemon Water“.

  • It promotes hydration.
  • It’s a good source of vitamin C.
  • It supports weight loss.
  • It improves your skin quality.
  • It aids digestion.
  • It freshens breath.
  • It helps prevent kidney stones.


Thank you, “youtube\HealingPowerHour”. Thank you for your time and please continue reading my lemon English idioms article.

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English Idioms and English Expressions

Lemon English Idioms – 127 Expressions

The only list you will need for all about Lemon English Idioms and expressions.

Lemon English Idioms - 127 Expressions

Lemon English Idioms – 127 Expressions


  • 1 lemon is on the footpath of that old bridge right side towards port road near the cafe.
  • 2 lemons were at the farmer’s orchard at that village near Eluru town.
  • 3 lemons will be in your home when your father buys from the market.


  • 4 lemons have a size big and small shape in round and color in green and yellow.
  • 5 years ago, lemons had a more smell
  • 6 lemons will have a better smell of taste and size when “icrisat” invents new seeds.


  • 7 the salesman squeezes the lemon every year in this exhibition
  • 8 her mother squeezed that lemon yesterday when she made chutney
  • 9 she will squeeze lemon when she makes lemonade to give her daughter in this he at summer after she came from school.
  • 10 she is squeezing the lemon just now.
  • 11 she was squeezing the lemon at this time yesterday when I went her home.
  • 12 she will be squeezing the lemon at this time tomorrow when she cooks tiger food.
  • 13 she has squeezed lemon at present.
  • 14 she had squeezed lemon by that time last Sunday.
  • 15 she will have squeezed lemon by this time tomorrow evening for getting more energy and eradicate weakness.
  • 16 she has been squeezing the lemon for 5 mints since I he comes
  • 17 she had been squeezing the lemons for one hour since she prepares tiger food for the guest at that fest.
  • 18 she will have been squeezing lemons for twenty minutes she makes lemonade.


  • 19 lemon is squeezed by her every time when she cooks that delicious food
  • 20 lemons were squeezed by her yesterday for preparing the food on that fest.
  • 21 lemon will be squeezed by her on that cold drinking water then adding sugar for making lemon water tomorrow evening
  • 22 lemon is being squeezed by just now.
  • 23 lemon is was being squeezed by her at that time last Sunday.
  • 24 lemon has been squeezed by her when her mother says
  • 25 lemon had been squeezed by her by this time yesterday
  • 26 lemons will have been squeezed by her when she makes lemonade

Model verbs:

  • 27 she would buy lemons from that market because she prepares lemon pickle.
  • 28 she may cut lemons with this knife then she takes a half piece to squeeze in this chutney.
  • 29 he might buy lemons then he takes to the office then he strings the steel wire and worshiping goddess on the auspices Friday
  • 30 she should squeeze these lemons before she prepares this pickle.
  • 31 he needs to squeeze this fresh lemon into honey and add hot water to drink dawning or wooing hours. Forgetting a sweet voice as well as beauty.
  • 32 he ought to drink lemon juice when he is in field work for eradicating weakness.
    33 she must keep lemons in front of “durgadevi” for worshiping the goddess.
  • 34 she had to keep lemons in the refrigerator for freshness and taste
  • 35 they have to sell lemons on the footpath because their profession is hawking
  • 36 lemons will have to squeeze in no vegetarian dishes for better taste.
  • 37 she can have cut this lemon easily with a sharp knife
  • 38 lemons will be kept in front of his new car.
  • 39 lemons shall be kept under the vehicle tires on every Saturday as an automotive tradition.
  • 40 lemon can give enough vitamin “C”.
  • 41 Last Friday, the shop trader could not hold the big lemon in that glass which has a full of water with turmeric powder. She bought more lemons then lemon juice making a factory for making juice after that it distributed all her relatives.
  • 42 lemon plant used to grow in our grandfather house when I studied primary education.
  • 43 she had to breathe lemons smell on the journey from protecting vomiting while bus journey.
  • 44 he would be drinking lemon juice with honey as a doctor turned spiritual teacher advise.
  • 45 she may be drinking lemon juice so that it isoflavones help to remove toxins from her body.
  • 46 he must be buying lemons from this market at this time every Sunday.
  • 47 she should be choosing good lemons from the vendor’s basket for preparing lemon pickle.
  • 48 she would have been squeezing lemons when her daughter came to the home.
  • 49 she should have been taking lemons from refrigerator when her mother says.
  • 50 she can be drinking lemon juice when she goes grandmothers home.
  • 51 she could be bringing lemon when she traveled by bus.
  • 52 if her husband had brought lemons she would have prepared lemon pickle.
  • 53 if she had prepared lemon pickle her husband could have eaten in dinner.
  • 54 if he had kept lemons in refrigerators she should have made lemonade.
  • 55 this lemon would have a big in size color in green.
  • 56 lemon may have a sour in taste after it ripe lemon may have a 0.06 m grams zinc out of 100gms
  • 57 lemon might have a vitamin “C” if the lemon plant grows in re and fertile soil.
  • 58 she should have more lemons when she makes lemon pickle. Lemon should have 138-milligram potassium out of 100 grams
  • 59 this farmer ought to have a lemon garden because their heritages had. Lemon ought to have 16-milligram phosphorus out of 100 grams.
  • 60 he must have lemon water for getting instant energy lemon must have an 8 milligrams magnesium out of 100 grams.
  • 61 lemons need to have a cooling temperature for better freshness. It needs to have 26mgrams calcium out of 100grams lemon.
  • 62 the young farmer has to have a lemon orchard’s he gets from his uncle. Lemon has to have a 53mgrams vitamin c out of 100 mill grams.
  • 63 lemons have to have fresh and strong if it comes from farmer garden to market fast they have to have a 100 grams lime 29 kilocalories energy.
  • 64 the priest will have to have a lemons for worshiping the goddess. It will have to have 9.32 grams carbohydrates out of 100 grams.
  • 65 some lemons can have an oval shape and 2.8 grams fiber out of 100 grams
  • 66 lemon could have more juice if we store in the refrigerator it could have 0.3 grams but out of 100 grams.
  • 67 lemons used to have a better smell years ago.
  • 68 lemons had to have a raw if its price was high at the market.
  • 69 lemons would be in that tree after the flowering completes.
  • 70 lemons may be at “eluru” fruit market. Farmer brings near the villages.
  • 71 lemons might be at “puja” room when the “dasra” festival comes.
  • 72 lemons should be in front of the traders’ shops at the vegetable market.
  • 73 lemons ought to be at vendors cart
  • 74 lemons need to be at pan shop for making lemon soda.
  • 75 lemons must be in refrigerator door panel if she kept full of vegetables and fruits in it.
  • 76 lemons have to be on that vendor’s cart which is a corner of Bank’s atm
  • 77 those lemons have to be on the basket in front of the vendor shop at “hanuman” temple.
  • 78 lemons will have to be at cooks room for coming fest.
  • 79 lemons can be on the mat at the vendor’s shop he sells to consumers.
  • 80 lemons could be in that vegetable bag if you bought.
  • 81 lemons had to be at farmers lemon garden if the broker did not pluck due to price low.
  • 82 lemons used to be store at an old man’s house when I was young.
  • 83 le this lemon choose
  • 84 take this lemon to squeeze in cold water and add sugar.
  • 85 where were these lemons brought?
  • 86 let this lemon be not chosen by her
  • 87 theses lemons were squeezed by her.
  • 88 this lemon is the biggest one from that basket.
  • 89 this lemon is one of the sourest of divancheruvu lemons out of that lemon basket.
  • 90 lemons are better than any other citric fruits.
  • 91 lemons are better than all other fruits.
  • 92 this lemon is as sour as any other fruit
  • 93 lemons are yet to take from this market.
  • 94 squeezing lemons are yet to complete in this dish.
  • 95 if she squeezes lemon in the sweet water her daughter will drink it.
  • 96 if she buys lemons from the market she can make lemonade.
  • 97 if she cut lemon into pics her daughter may squeeze on the dishes.
  • 98 if she squeezed lemon on that sugar water she would drink it.
  • 99 if she bought the lemon, she could squeeze in the sugar water.
  • 100 if she cut lemon into pics her daughter might squeeze in the sugar water.
  • 101 if she had brought the lemons her mother would have prepared pickle.
  • 102 if she had plucked the lemons from her own tree her mother should have prepared the juice.
  • 103 if he had bought the lemons he could have made lemonade.
  • 104 she said I drink “Lemon juice”
  • 105 she said that she had drunk lemon juice.
  • 106 she bought a big yellow color lemon.
  • 107 lemons which she bought are big size yellow color.
  • 108 she bought lemons and it was the size in big color in yellow.
  • 109 as he knows it is lemon juice.
  • 110 take as much as you drink this lemon juice until you get energy from it.
  • 111 though she squeezed lemons on the water it does not taste.
  • 112 until you bought the lemons she won’t make the lemon pickle.
  • 113 she buys not only sweet lemons but also sour lemons.
  • 114 she squeezed lemons in that water that she will make lemonade.
  • 115 she buys lemons as if she chooses she squeezes in the sweet water and add sugar then stir so that distributed such lemon water so as to drink all the guest for fulfilling their thirsty.
  • 116 she offers lemon juice when the guest came to home from that heat waves.
  • 117 the guest drink that juice so as to fulfill their thirsty.
  • 118 I say all these things so that she manage especially.
  • 119 lemons were in that farmer’s field that it had come to market too late.
  • 120 she squeezes these lemons as if she knows well.
  • 121 while people had been in heat waves to take cold lemon juice because it is a citric fruit and it has enough c vitamin.
  • 122 when we take lemon juice all the strains had gone, with a minute, while washing clothes. We got double enthusiasm this is another benefit from the lemon.
  • 123 lemon gives not only health but also beauty.
  • 124 I take lemon juice with honey every day.
  • 125 benefits from lime, juice uses as beauty creams with honey and curd protect from throat infections as it has antibacterial characteristics.
  • 126 it has a critic acid that gives natural freshness and reduces bad smell due to bacteria and eradicated bleeding from teeth
  • 127 if someone had participated in hunger strike after amicable solutions, people gave lemon juice after they had a complete hunger strike.

The end of the “Lemon English Idioms – 127 Expressions”.

Thank you for your time, the “Lemon English Idioms – 127 Expressions” blog post is one of my “Learn English Through English Idioms and English Expressions” series blog posts. I hope you enjoy reading my “Lemon English Idioms – 127 Expressions” blog post and found it to be useful.

Mogalapu Srinivasarao

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