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 124 banana sayings

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Strength does not come from physical capacity. It comes from an indomitable will.

Mahatma Gandhi

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124 banana sayings


124 Banana Sayings | Refuse | My Learning Goals and Writings


124 banana sayings

124 Banana Sayings | Refuse | My Learning Goals and Writings



I love English and I love writing. These are my writing about 124 Banana saying and about refuse. I Write Because I Love, And My Love Is Writing


My English Learning Goals – 124 Banana Sayings




1 Banana is a fruit
2 It was in fruit traders shop yesterday.
3 It will be in your house when your mother plants plantain tree coming season.




4 Bananas have three in colors that are green, red, and yellow.
5 over ripped banana had a so soft and less taste.
6 Some bananas will have a rich in taste and color when it rips naturally.




7 She chews a banana daily
8 She chewed a banana yesterday.
9 She will chew a banana when she goes to the market.
10 she is chewing a banana just now.
11 She was chewing a banana at this time yesterday.
12 She will be chewing a banana at this time tomorrow.
13 She has chewed a banana now.
14 She had chewed a banana by this time yesterday.
15 She will have chewed a banana by this time tomorrow.
16 She has been chewing a banana for 15 minutes.
17 She had been chewing that banana for 15 minutes by this time to the coming week.
18 She will have been chewing this banana for 20 minutes by this time next week.




19 A banana is chewed by her every day after a meal.
20 A banana was chewed by her yesterday before the meal.
21 A banana will be chewed by her tomorrow.
22 A banana is being chewed by her just now.
23 A banana was being chewed by her at this time yesterday
24 A banana has been chewed by her just now.
25 Banana had been chewed by her yesterday.
26 A banana will have been chewed by her tomorrow.




27 She would chew that banana when she goes to the temple after worshiping God.
28 She may chew the banana when it rips.
29 She will chew a banana if she has a digestive problem.
30 She might chew a banana if the priest gives as prasadam
31 She shall chew a banana when she goes to the marriage feast.
32 She will have to chew this banana after her fasting completes.
33 She can chew a banana when her mother gives.
34 She should chew a banana from protecting cold, cough, and swelling.
35 She needs to chew a banana for getting healthy hormones.
36 She has to chew a banana to exhausting bad toxins for her body.
37 They have to chew a banana when they go to the temple.
38 She ought to chew a banana to eradicate bad gases for her body.
39 She must chew a banana for growing hair well.
40 She could chew a banana when her father brought from the market.
41 She used to chew a banana when she stayed her grand mother’s house.
42 She had to chew a banana for getting peace of mind when she had hunger and tension.
43 She would be chewing a banana as a doctor advise.when she pregnant so she has not faced any ma ternary problems.
44 She may be chewing a banana tomorrow.
45 She might be chewing a banana next week.
46 She should be chewing a banana at this time tomorrow when her mother comes from the market.
47 She must be chewing a banana when her father brings from the market.
48 She will be chewing a banana at this time day after day
49 She could be chewing a banana if her father brought.
50 She should have been chewing a banana when she went to the temple.
51 She must have been chewing a banana when she brought from the market.
52 She would have been chewing a banana when her mother gave it.
53 She may have been chewing a banana after it ripped.
54 She might have been chewing a banana after worshiped god.
55 She would have chewed a banana if her mother had given
56 She may have chewed a banana if her mother had brought
57 She should have chewed a banana if he had gone to the temple
58 She must have chewed a banana if her sister had taken from the market.
59 She could have chewed a banana if her father had planted the plantain tree in their field.
60 She would be at this function hall where these bananas keep.
61 This banana may be in Rich yellow color but not taste in good.
62 Those bananas might be in green color but it is not nandhedu soils taste.
63 Bananas should be in that bag before we go to the temple.
64 Bananas ought to be in front of the shop because customers easily see it and buy them.
65 Bananas need to be at that plate then the priest offers to god after he gives to devotees as a prasadam
66 Various category of banana must be a wedding gift.
67 This type of bananas has to be in their field because of his father plants it.
68 So many bananas have to be in their field she plants more acres.
69 This banana can be strong and hard because It is not riped.
70 Bananas will have to be in that praying hall before the priest comes.
71 Bananas could be at the fruits basket as and when the children came to eat it.
72 Bananas had to be in luggage bag when we went pilgrimage
73 Bananas used to be in his house when her mother planted the plantain tree in their garden.
74 This banana would have more proteins and vitamins potassium that prevents blood pressure.
75 That banana may have a color in green but the taste is good.
76 These bananas might have antioxidants and toxins.
77 This banana should have a size in small and the taste is sweet.
78 This banana plant needs to have water when it is not ripe.
79 Banana must have enough b6 and vitamins it gives much immunization power.
80 These bananas must have a sweet so as to it is riped in red soil with good irrigation water.
81 Theses bananas plants ought to have organic fertilizer for growing well.
82 Banana has to have a soft and rich in taste and getting more fiber that relief free motion and work enzymes well
83 Bananas have to have a yellow gold color and taste in good two bananas have to have energy that gives 90 minutes exercise.
84 These bananas plants will have to have a bamboo stick support from protecting storms.
85 These bananas can have hard and raw.
86 years ago, banana used to have a fragrance
87 these plants had to have a rotation for low cultivation cost and more returns.
88 Some banana plants could have a more in remote villages of these districts when enough irrigation water supply.
89 let this banana chew.
90 Take this banana to chew for getting enough potassium.
91 where were these bananas available?
92 let this banana be not chewed by her.
93 These bananas are brought by him for preparing juice
94 This banana is the sweetest one from this bunch.
95 This banana is one of the shortest of this bunch.
96 Bananas are better than any other fruits.
97 This banana is bigger than all other fruits.
98 This banana is not softer than all other fruits.
99 This banana is as sweet as any other fruit.
100 Bananas are yet to bring through the peasant from the field.
101 Chewing banana is yet to complete for 15 minutes.
102 if she chews a banana daily she will get vitamins and proteins.
103 if she chews a banana she may get phosphorous
104 if she chews a banana she can get fiber.
105 if she chewed a banana she would get enough potassium
106 if she chewed a banana she could get vitamins.
107 if she chewed a banana she might get fiber
108 if she had chewed a banana she would have gotten enough proteins.
109 if she had chewed a banana she could have gotten minerals.
110 if she had chewed a banana she should have gotten nutrients.
111 She said “I chew a banana”
112 She said that she chewed a banana yesterday.
113 he took big size banana
114 Banana which he took was the size in big.
115 he took a banana and that was the size in big.
116 as she chews a banana it is soft and sweet.
117 take this banana as like as you eat because of chemical from the banana potent inhibitor of virus diseases.
118 banana have proteins which it calls tripartite few chemical actions after it turned happiness growing serotonin hormone through mind has delicious.
119 According to Tokyo university research banana having summer necrosis factors that combat cancer cells then eradicated from the human body.
120 banana as and when rips much prevent cancer cells characters are more.
121 yellow bananas are weight times more proteins than green.
122 each banana has 27 grams carbohydrates.
123 100grams of bananas have the following nutrition.
124 A) Water 70.1 grams ? minerals 0.8grams C) every 116 kilocalories D) sulfate 7 grams E) potassium 88 grams F) Iron 0.36grams G) proteins 102grams H)fiber 0.4grams I)calcium1.5grams J)fat 0.3grams.
K)carvigtdrates 27.2 grams L) phosporus 36.0m grams M)Vitamin c 7 mgrams N) Nagebesuyn 41 grams O) sodiyam 36.6grams.
According to history, the banana was born in Malaysia one of the best of Asia.


My English Learning Goals – Refuse:





1 She refused to discuss the matter which he intends to tell about it.
2 The wise man refuses to take bribe because he always likes the truth.
3 Having diabetes, He refused to eat sweets.
4 He refused to consume alcohol at this party.
5 The refused to drink these cool drinks because they have so cold.
6 The officer refused to sign this certificate due to mistake.
7 His father refused to give the car key to his son because he is a minor.
8 The house owner refused to give that new bedroom key to that new person.
9 The philosophy man refused to accept charity so he did not like charity.
10 The old man refused to take money as a loan because he believes himself.
11 These common people refused to lend money from this money lender because he may charge a high interest rate.
12 That arrogant man refused to do what we asked.
13 This middle-class man refused to buy luxurious articles which he does not need it
14 She refused to say about that matter because they have known it.
15 The tourist refused to leave this place because it was so beauty.
16 Having the lowest price, The contractor refused to execute this work order.
17 The new foreigner refused to come to this tourist place weather is not good at this moon soon season.
18 They refused to take their offer because they may get more than that.
19 The officer refused to pass these bills because supporting s are not attached.
20 The worker refuses to give replay to tell these unknown expenses.
21 The young boy refuses to eat this curd-rise.
23 The girl refused to read the class subject books because all her friends playing at outside ground.
24 Those people refused to take these edible oils because this oil has not at good quality.
25 The trader was cutting meat flesh into prices at this time last Sunday but customers refused to buy because it has not fresh.
26 They will be buying more fruits from this wholesale market at this time tomorrow. Their agents refuse to buy more fruits because not to sell all these fruits quickly this rainy season.
27 The girl refused to write this homework, having her hand gave pain.
28 if you asked her about that unknown matter, she may refuse to tell about it.
29 if she refused for telling about that matter, you may ask another person for that.
30 if he told that matter to you then you may refuse to tell soon.



If you think about it, our lives are an endless pursuit of answers and new questions. So how can YOU take action to ensure that your learning never comes to an end?


124 Banana Sayings 124 Banana Sayings

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