English Class – Top 21 words to know start with Letter M

by Feb 18, 2019English Vocabulary

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My free English classes and lessons, 21 common but useful words that start with Letter M, you should add to your word vocabulary now, Thank you.Ashin Damika


English Class – Top 21 words to know start with Letter M



masculine = not woman, (having to do with man / strong) / (in language the opposite of feminine,eg. (he) is a masculine word,(she) is faminine word)


mere = (only), not more than / (merely=only)


misdoubt = not to trust,(to feel uncertain)


mistake = not to understand, (to form a wrong opinion/to take one person or thing for another / an incorrect thought or action / —-& no mistake = without doubt)


moist = not dry / (moisture = wetness)


muddled = not clear, not well arranged / (muddle = a disorderly heap / to muddle = to make disorder, to cause a plan to fail / To muddle along = o be busy without a clear plan).


nameless = not name / (too bad to be spoken of) / (name = the word by which a person or thing is known/namely = that is to say, I mean / namesake=a person having the same name as another)


natural = not by man / (produced by the force of the earth & weather / naturally=according to nature/of course/as expected)





less = not so much,taken from / (lessen=to make less / the lesser = the smaller)


near = not far away/close//(very careful of one’s money)


nebulous = not clearly seen or understood, cloudy / ( nebula = a cloud of brightly burning gas or small stars seen in the sky)


stiff-necked = not yielding to control or reason / (neck=part of the body between the head & the shoulder)


needless = not necessary


negligible = not worth troubling about


negligent = not taking care / (neglect=to take no care of / to fail to do)


neither-nor = not this,not that


never = not at any time/(Well I never!=I am surprised)


new = not old, fresh, not to seen before / (lacking experience)


nonchalant = not eager


noncommittal = not telling what one intends to do


nondescript = not easily described,peculiar


nonsense = not sense,silly talk





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