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Wish you luck in the Year of the Pig (2019)

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Learn English through Chinese Culture – New Year Taboos

Top 30 taboos during the Chinese New Year

To ensure a prosperous Lunar New Year, It is to welcome the new year with a smile and let the fortune and happiness continue on same time.

Chinese lore has a rather long list of things you must not do during the Spring Festival. There are many taboos that are associated with the New Year Festival.

To help you with that, here are the top 30 taboos during the Chinese New Year. Follow these and fortune will smile on you.

  • No saying negative words like “death” or “sickness”
  • No using scissors or knives
  • No cutting hair
  • No fighting
  • No argument
  • Avoid taking medicine
  • Don’t sweep or take out the garbage
  • Don’t eat porridge and meat for breakfast
  • Don’t wash clothes
  • Needlework should not be done
  • A married daughter is not allowed to visit the house of her parents
  • Do not say negative words
  • Do not break ceramics or glass
  • Do not clean or sweep
  • Do not use scissors, knives or other sharp objects
  • Do not visit the wife’s family
  • Do not demand debt repayment
  • Avoid fighting and crying.
  • Avoid taking medicine
  • Do not give New Year blessings to someone still in bed
  • Do not start the year with debts
  • Do not Lots of things on Day 1
  • Don’t use unlucky words on days 1-4
  • Don’t bring an odd number of presents
  • Don’t stay for dinner on Day 2
  • Don’t leave home on Day 4
  • Don’t hang out the laundry on Day 9
  • Avoid the Cry of a Child
  • Don’t Wear in Black or White
  • Don’t Visit Doctor or Hospital

Learn English through Chinese Culture – The story of the Chinese new year

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Happy New Year! Continuously welcome the new morning with a new soul, a grin all over, affection in your heart and great considerations in your brain.

Learn English through Chinese Culture – Chinese sticky Cake

“Kung hei fat Choi!”


A popular Chinese cake, sticky, sweet, if pair with coffee or tea will surely make your day!

Tikoy or Nian Gao (nian – sticky; Giao – cake), sometimes translated as year cake, is a food prepared from glutinous rice and consumed in Chinese cuisine.

While it can be eaten all year round, traditionally it is most popular during Chinese new year, they are available in many flavors like pandan, brown sugar, white sugar and ube (my favorite).


Learn English through Chinese Culture – How to make Chinese Sticky Cake

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