Learn English through short stories – Life of a poor Bangladesh student

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No legacy is so rich as honesty.

William Shakespeare

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Learn English through short stories – Life of a poor student

A poor student who comes from a poor family whose dreams is a lot.

The boy wants to make happy his family but his family doesn’t have a lot of money, He wanted to admit a School which was expensive but He could not admit because of being poor. then He went to another school, there were not much-educated teachers.

After completing School level. He gets a better result.after that He chooses government College for studying, but He doesn’t get a chance for studying.

He gets a chance to study far from his house and then He starts living in danger. He lives at the hostel with his friends but He is having trouble living with them because Most of the friends are rich.

His friends eat expensive food, but The boy isn’t able to eat that food which his friends eat. All of his friends sometimes laugh at him.some of his friends make fun with the boy.

They go to a restaurant but they don’t call the boy. The boy also does not want to go to the restaurant with his friends,  because He has to pay the bill.

His father is a taxi driver, He gets not much money from his job. Anyway, his father is unable to give him much money because He doesn’t get paid from his job on time.

By the way, The boy knows well the situation of his family. So He doesn’t force it whatever.

Once all of the friends of his force him to go to the restaurant with them, and then his all friends wanted to make fun.

So they got out of the restaurant without paying the bill. The boy didn’t have enough money. So he sold his cellphone for paying the bill.

After that, He came back to the hostel. But He didn’t tell his friends about his sold mobile phone.

The boy’s father tries to talk to him over the mobile phone,  but his old mobile phone is switched off. So his dad could not communicate with him for a long time.

Therefore He goes ahead and studies hard.  after finishing college. He got great study result again.


If his friends knew the situation of his family, If His friends stayed in his position, They would understand what life is…

Everybody should think before doing something because the situation may come to us one day.

Anyway, there is no need to laugh at the poor,

Many years ago your family might also like the poor boy’s family. 

We should be nice and treat poor people well, and there are many poor people like this kid all over the world.

We all need to respect each other regardless of our wealth. 

Learn English through short stories

India’s Poor Go to School Under a Bridge

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