Simple English Story – True Romantic Love Story of Jatinder Singh (Updated on 06/02/2019)

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This is going to sound crazy, but… from the moment I first set eyes on you I haven’t been able to stop thinking about you.

Leigh Fallon

Simple English Story

True Romantic Love Story of Jatinder Singh – Love at first sight at a bus Stop

In 2012 I started to go to college for my civil engineering diploma and this was the year when I met my love for the first time. I clearly remember that I was traveling on a bus when I saw her and feel something different for her as this feeling was new for me because a never felt this for anyone.

After that day, I started board on the same bus, just because of her. After the next few days, those feelings became more and stronger and I started waiting for her on the bus stop when she went to her college. That wait sometimes was 8 hours long but i didn’t want to miss the chance to see her.

I was naive in love, because of that I afraid to express my feelings to her but finally, I proposed her but my bad luck she refused me. That was the worse situation for me to bear. At that day, I came back home without waiting for her. On the way back while I am on the bus everyone just looking at me as my tears ware out of my control.

But when I reached at home one of my friend visited me. I told him all this story and he asked me to get her number as a friend. Next day, I felt sorry for my actions and ask her for the phone number.  She gave me her number and I was over the moon and thanked my friend who suggested me to do that. In the evening, I made a call to her and did some general talking.

It was my birthday I proposed her again but she again refused me but after 2 days on 23 of March at 6:04 pm she said yes finally she said yes. That happiness was not too long for as after a few days she again broke my heart, but this was the not last time when she said yes and no. So many times she did it. After that, I came to know that she had a boyfriend. I never wanted to believe on this, even not on my eyes as she daily gets down from the bus and goes with a boy on the bike. She daily gets down from the bus and goes with a boy on bike in front of me but I did blind faith in her.

One day I got a SMS from her again. she wrote miss you and told me why I did not make any call to her . because I don’t want to bother you, I replied. After that again I started to talk to her. One day she told me about that guy who comes to pick and drop her. She told me he is her cousin and I readily believed on her without giving a second thought.

After some days while I was waiting for her on the bus stop one of my friends came to me and told me about relationships between my blind love and her so-called cousin, but I did not believe on my friend and said him to stay away from my personal life in a raised and rude voice. I didn’t tell her anything about what happened on the bus stop.

Thank you, Simple English Story, by Jatinder Singh.


There is only one happiness in this life, to love and be loved. George Sand

Simple English Story

True Romantic Love Story of Jatinder Singh – She loves me or no?

I got addicted to her. Without talking to her my day was not completed. This went on for days.

On 29th July 2014, she again broke me and told me I was nothing for her and asked me to not to make any call to her. Again my life has disturbed and again that full of frustration days came in my life. I felt isolation and some kind of incompleteness in my life for the next days and days.

On her birthday 13th of August, I could Not stop my self for sending her sms as on the last her birthday I wished her before anyone did it and this gives her happiness and didn’t want to miss the chance.

On the 12th August at approximately 10 pm, I wrote an SMS and place my finger on the send button and didn’t let the screen off and exactly 12am 13 August I send it, after few seconds I got an SMS. She was so happy and wrote to me how I still remembered her birthday . after that day we again started Chatting and calling each other. 2-3 months this was going on and after that again she dumped me, 2015, 2016 and 2017 was same as 2014.

Every time she dumped me by just saying that I am only a good friend of her.

But the real story began in 2018 when she admitted that she loves me and made too.

Thank you, Simple English Story, by Jatinder Singh.



To the world, you may be one person, but to one person you are the world.Bill Wilson

Simple English Story


True Romantic Love Story of Jatinder Singh – 2018 was the happiest and saddest year of my life.

(Updated on 06/02/2019)

From 2018 .

The year 2018 was the happiest and saddest year of my life.

As usual on her birthday I wished her before anyone do. This time she was so happy and said she loves me but this time I know that’s her habit.

Firstly, I treated her like a best friend even these are not real feelings. This time I felt something attractive in her voice for me and also we started making video calls. We got used to each other.

On 2nd of November 2018 at 11:21am she proposed me on a video call. Finally, she said she loves me and that really not a joke. I waited more than 5 years for these words and feeling.

I was so happy and that was the first time when I danced in front of other people. That was fabulous, great, inexpressible happiness for me.

She also asked me for marriage and I readily said yes without giving a second thought. I thought that everything that was happening was in my favor.

She told her parents about our relationship and showed my picture to them. Firstly they were thinking about caste differences and also they are against love marriage.

But, when she told them about my education and also told about my IELTS test and my study abroad plans then they maybe thought that their daughter will be happy with me and they are ready to meet me and my family.

I also told everything about our relationship with my family. It was hard to get permission but finally, my mom gave me permission for marriage. We were so happy and everything was just Perfect until I couldn’t know the truth. And the truth is unbearable for me.

Thank you, Simple English Story, by Jatinder Singh.



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