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 112 Custard Apple Sayings

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112 Custard Apple Sayings

112 Custard Apple Sayings | My Learning Goals and Writings


112 custard apple sayings Chatsifieds


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My English Learning Goals – 112 Custard Apple Sayings



1 Custard apples are at Divancheruvu village highway road near Rajamahendravaram.
2 These fruits were at my friend house at visakhapatnam.
3 These fruits will be your home when your father brings from purna market.


4 The tree of custard apple has a many medicinal values.
5 The fruit had a good taste and fragrance when I childhood.
6 This fruit will have a good taste and big in size and shape in the cone when the icrisat scientist makes new seed.


7 She keeps custard apple in the refrigerator when her mother buys from that fruit market.
8 In the year 1980, some custard apples were very good at the taste.
9 She will eat custard apple for getting more proteins.
10 Custard apples are riping now after the moonsson coming cold weather.
11 Those vendors were selling more custard apples in this village.
12 That hawker will be selling these custard apples nearby town tomorrow.
13 South America Europe and Africa countries have cultivated these custard apple plants.
14 These custard apple plants had come to India form Portchegeese people in the 16th century.
15 These orchids will have grown in the mountains if the Tribal people plants.
16 They have been making sweets, jellies, creams, and jams with these custard apples for ten years.
17 He had been eating custard apple for a half-hour at this time last week.
18 These cycle vendors have been carrying these fruits for 15 days coming winter season.


19 These fruits whose taste has sweet, it is called custard apple or sugar apple.
20 The leaves of the custard apple tree were crushed by some people for treating skin diseases.
21 cold infection will be eradicated by custard apple tree leaves of juice.
22 Those fruits are being sold by the farmer at that Ring road every season.
23 Some custard apples were being brought by him at this time last year.
24 This tree leaf protects from diabetics and obesity that has been proved by scientists recently.
25 It is a medicinal fruit that had been called by some tribal people.
26 These plants will have been grown by our neighboring farmers next Kharif season at that hill lands.


27 The fruit of 100 grams paste may have a 94 calories energy.
28 The fruit would have 20 to 25 grams of carbohydrates.
29 Custard apple should have 2.5grams proteins.
30 Sugar apple ought to have a 4.4grams fiber.
31 This custard apple fruit has to have carotene.
32 The fruit had to have a theimien.
33 The fruit needs to have riboflavin.
34 The fruit might have a neocian.
35 The fruit will have to have enough vitamin c if it grows a fertile soil.
36 The hawker shall shout loudly for selling these fruits at that poorna market.
37 She can eat this fruit if her mother gives from that fruit basket.
38 He will buy these custard apples when he goes to the gardens area road.
39 He had to distribute custard apples to the friends and relatives because his tenant farmers brought more custard apples from farm fields.
40 The young girl could eat this custard apple that fruit plucked by her brother from that plant.
41 she used to eat custard apples when she was in grandmothers village.
42 She would have been choosing custard apples when she came to the hawker’ s cycle.
43 She would have been choosing custard apples when she came to the vendor’s cart.
44 She may have been eating custard apples when her brother came.
45 She must have been plucking custard apples when she went to her gardens.
46 She would be eating custard apple after she buys those fruits.
47 She may be taking custard apples when her friend says.
48 She should be plucking custard apples before her sister arrives.
49 She must be peeling custard apples after her mother gives.
50 He can be buying custard apple grafts when his father says.
51 She could be plucking custard apples from this garden before the farmer came.
52 If he had taken custard apple grafts he would have planted it.
53 If he had planted custard apple grafts it should have grown it.
54 If it had grown the fields he could have plucked from it.
55 custard apple would be at farmers garden.
56 These fruits may be at hawkers cycle.
57 custard apples may be at vendors cart.
58 custard apples have to be on the custard apple tree which is at the neighbor’s house.
59 custard apple should be in the refrigerator.
60 custard apple ought to be at hawkers basket for selling customers.
61 custard apple needs to be at bamboo baskets for freshness
62 custard apple must be at your bag if you purchased at the market.
63 All these custard apple fruits have to be on the commercial transport vehicles for sending long-distance from farmers gardens to this fruit market.
64 custard apples will have to be at home before the children come to the school.
65 custard apple can be at hawkers cycle.
66 custard apple had to be at my mother house before the child came.
67 custard apple used to be at my old house when I was young.
68 custard apples could be at refrigerator if gave freshness.
69 custard apple would have a top award winner for vitamin “C”
70 custard apple my have a clear taste for its Vitamin “C”
71 custard apple might have a fiber
72 custard apple should have a fiber which helps prevent constipation.
73 custard apple ought to have a mellowing effect on blood sugar that helps keep appetite in check.
74 custard apple plant needs to have stems and branches.
75 custard apple must have a color green.
76 Riped custard apple has to have a too soft.
77 custard apple have to have a seeds inside.
78 custard apples will have to have different colors.
79 This custard apple can have a strong and shape in round and color in green.
80 This custard apple seeds could have a place in color inside of it.
81 Years later, custard apple used to have a Rich in Smell.
82 This custard apple tree had to have a more leafs and stems before the cyclone occurred.
83 Let this custard apple choose.
84 Take that custard apple to cut into pieces.
85 Where was this custard apple plucked?
86 Let this custard apple be not plucked by her.
87 These custard apples were plucked by her to give all her family members and friends.
88 This custard apple is the biggest one from out of this custard apple garden.
89 This custard apple is sweetest one of the Divancheruvu Village custard apple gardens.
90 custard apples are better than any other fruits.
91 custard apples are better than all other fruits because it will grow only the winter season.
92 custard apples are not better than all other fruits.
93 This custard apple is as sweet as any other custard apple fruits.
94 custard apples are yet to pluck from that garden.
95 Plucking custard apples are yet to complete for 15 minutes.
96 If she sees that custard apple he will pluck.
97 If she says there is a custard apple on the tree he may pluck it.
98 If she plucks custard apple from that tree he can eat it.
99 If he bought custard apples from the market her mother would give it.
100 if her mother gave custard apple she could eat it.
101 If her mother this custard apple she might eat it.
102 If he had brought that custard apple I would have given it.
103 If you had given custard apple I should have cut it.
104 If you had cut that guava I could have eaten it.
105 He said “I pluck that custard apple”
106 He said that he plucked the custard apple.
107 He plucked big size custard apple.
108 custard apple which he is plucked big size.
109 As he plucked custard apple that it is big.
110 Take as much as custard apple pieces you eat from that plate.
111 This custard apple is plucked by her from which tree either this or that.
112 As she bits custard apple it is sweet.

112 Custard Apple Sayings

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112 Custard Apple Sayings
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112 Custard Apple Sayings