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FOR Everything about for Mogalapu Srinivasarao is a smart, hardworking and friendly English learner and writer from India. Mogalapu loves to share his knowledge with others.

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 FOR Everything about for

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The weak can never forgive. Forgiveness is an attribute of the strong.

Mahatma Gandhi

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FOR Everything about for


FOR Everything about for | My Learning Goals and Writings


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I love English and I love writing. These are my writing about FOR – Everything about for. I Write Because I Love, And My Love Is Writing



My English Learning Goals – FOR Everything about for




“For” new learners learn easily. It tells preposition and connects words phrases and sentences.




  • 1. This is good English learning group for English learning students.
  • 2. She is speaking English for better communication.
  • 3. The store is opened by him for selling groceries to customers.
  • 4. This time is right for us to speak English language. Is not it?
  • 5. They sent for him.
  • 6. Through his love for me he did this.
  • 7. Through affection for her they appeared for him to file his accounts
  • 8. Owing to cyclone warning: for the boats of the fleet not to go the sea to catch fish.
  • 9. What are you for?
  • 10. I cannot see the house for the trees.
  • 11. For learning he is certainly superior to them.
  • 12. For the last two days we had no sun.
  • 13. I have been this village for three decades.


1. We use for intend to be given:

  • A. There is phone message for you.
  • ? I would better buy something for new baby.
  • C. We are having collection for her friend wedding present.



2. We use fear of:

  • He didn’t say anything for fear of ? because I was frightened of offending him.


3. Without:

  • If it was not for the life jacket I would have drowned.


4. Used to show an amount of time or distance:

  • A. We walked for miles
  • ? She will be in New York office for a few days next week.
  • C. I’m just going to read this magazine for an hour.
  • D. I haven’t played tennis for years.


5. The occasion of or at the time of :

  • A. I’d like an appointment with the doctor for some time this week.
  • ? We are having a English movie for 60th anniversary
  • C. She has booked a table at the restaurant for nine o’ clock.
  • D. What did you buy him for Christmas?
  • E. I have got a lot of admiration for people who do that sort of work.
  • F. He is quite good-looking but he has too short for me
  • G. The ice-cream was a little bit sweet for me.
  • H. That jacket looks a little big for you.
  • I. Uma already bought and, as for me, I’m going to take at the end of the class.
  • Luckily for me ? I was lucky., I already had another job
  • How are you doing for money?
  • How are you doing for time?
  • ? do you have enough money or time.?

6. for all.

  • A. Despite:
  • B. For all her qualifications, she’s still useless at the job


7. Getting. in exchange:

  • A. How much did you pay for your glasses?
  • ? He has sponsored he $1000 for every class that she studies.
  • C. She sold that her ancient house for a lot of money.
  • D. The Automobile Engineer gave Estimate for repair my car for $300


8. Being employed by or representing a company ,country, etc.,

  • A. She works for charity
  • ? He swam for the United states in the 2000 Olympics.


9. towards; in the direction of:

  • A. They looked as if they were heading for the train station.
  • B. Just follow signs for the museum
  • C. This time tomorrow we’ll be setting off for the States.
  • D. It says this train is for ? going to stop at. Birmingham and Coventry only.


10.Showing meaning:

  • A. What’s the French word for “vegetarian”?
  • B. What does the “M.S.R” stand for? Mogalapu Srinivasa Rao ?


11. In order to get or achieve:

  • A. I hate waiting for public transport.
  • B. I had to run for the bus.
  • C. Did you send off for details of the competition?
  • D. I’ve applied for a job with another software company.


12. The duty or responsibility of:

  • A. As to whether you should marry him – that’s for you to decide.
  • B. It’s not for me to tell her what she should do with her life.
  • C. “How many people should I invite to the party?” “It’s not really for me to say.”


13. In trouble:

  • A. You’ll be for it when she finds out!


14. used for comparing one thing with others of the same type:

  • A. She’s very mature for her age.
  • B. For every two people in favour of the law there are three against.
  • C. The winter has been usually cold simla.


15. it was a difficult decision, especially for child.

  • A. For a man of his wealth he’s not exactly generous,


16. Used to say whose responsibility something is:

  • A. She knew the driver of the other car was not responsible for her son’s mistake..


17. in support of or in agreement with:

  • A. I voted for the Greens at the last election.
  • B. Those voting for the motion 96, and those voting against, 54.
  • C. Most of the Republicans voted for the measure
  • E. So let’s hear some applause for these talented young performers.


18. Who’s for ? who wants to play. tennis?


19 to approve of or support something very much:

  • A. I’ve got nothing against change – I’m all for it.
  • B. I’m all for gender equality , but I think the most qualified person should get the job.


20. In order to help someone:

  • A. Let me carry those bags for you.
  • B. Hello, what can I do for you?
  • C. My sister will take care of the dog for us while we’re away. relation to someone or something:

  • A. Her feelings for him had changed.
  • B. He felt nothing but contempt for her.


22. For Purpose: We use for to talk about a purpose or a reason for something.


23. for someone: We often use to introduce for the person the person or people something.


24. For duration: We use for with a period of time to refer to duration ( how long sometime lasts


25. For Exchange: We use for to refer to an exchange.


26. For meaning because: We use sometimes for as conjunction, meaning because we use it in very formal and literary contexts.


27. For in multiword verb: We often combine for with a verb to form multiword verb: for instance like this: For + ing function: we use for + the + ing form of verb to talk about the function of something how something is used.


28. For + ing reason: We use for + the + ing form of verb to refer to the reason for something.


29. For + ing or to + infinitive ?

FOR Everything about for

If you think about it, our lives are an endless pursuit of answers and new questions. So how can YOU take action to ensure that your learning never comes to an end?


FOR Everything about for
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