Substantive – Learn English through weird and wonderful words

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English Class

Substantive – Learn English through weird and wonderful words

Do you know the history and correct usage of the rare English word “Substantive”?

In this learn English through weird and wonderful English class, I am going to show you the beauty of this weird and useful word of Substantive.

Substantive is a adjective and It is properly pronounced like the word SUB-stun-tiv.

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Learn english words Substantive, English Class.


What is Substantive?

Learn English class tips.

  • having substance : involving matters of major or practical importance to all concerned
  • considerable in amount or numbers : substantial
  • real rather than apparent : firm; also : permanent, enduring
  • belonging to the substance of a thing : essential
  • expressing existence
  • having the nature or function of a noun
  • relating to or having the character of a noun or pronominal term in logic
  • creating and defining rights and duties

Where is substantive from?

Learn English class tips.

Substantive was borrowed into Middle English from the Anglo-French adjective sustentif, meaning “having or expressing substance,” and can be traced back to the Latin verb substare, which literally means “to stand under.”

Figuratively, the meaning of substare is best understood as “to stand firm” or “to hold out.” Since the 14th century, we have used substantive to speak of that which is of enough “substance” to stand alone, or be independent.

By the 19th century, the word evolved related meanings, such as “enduring” and “essential.” It also shares some senses with substantial, such as “considerable in quantity.”



How to use the substantive in a sentence?


learn english word Substantive chatsifieds

Learn english words Substantive, English Class.

Learn English class tips.

  • Substantive research on the subject needs to be carried out.
  • The report concluded that no substantive changes were necessary.
  • The State Department reported that substantive discussions had taken place with Beijing.
  • The documents are the first substantive information obtained by the investigators.
  • The substantive powers of the Weimar President have been recast and redistributed.
  • Reporters are often reluctant to examine substantive political issues.
  • They include substantive conclusions about what would be different in philosophy if it were influenced by feminine rather than by masculine assumptions.
  • Our discussions were wide-ranging and substantive.
  • The most substantive problem, which advocates try to hide, is that the flat tax is a sop to the rich.
  • The Basic Law identifies constitutionality with substantive democratic legitimacy.
  • Thus, substantive comparison of these countries and the generalizations about civic culture must be treated with suspicion.
  • While he denies substantive impacts, he is a staunch political conservative.
  • Finally, substantive conclusions are drawn from the theories and the evidence.
  • They plan to meet again in Rome very soon to begin substantive negotiations.
  • The conventions have become nothing but cheerleading rallies for the presidential campaign ahead, their substantive political role all but eliminated.
  • Increasingly, researchers have attempted to conceptualize speaker variables in such a way as to solve a widening range of substantive problems.
  • And, by extension[], does the choice of research design make a difference to the substantive results?
  • The kind of dependence that marriage creates between adult spouses raises substantive questions of status and power.

I hope you are enjoying this English class and found my “Substantive – Learn English through weird and wonderful words”usefull.

Have fun as you learn with these weird and wonderful English words! Please add weird and wonderful words to your vocabulary now.

Thank you,

Suparno Bhattachayrra

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