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third person singular

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The Basic English Grammar rule for the third person singular

First, Let me share with you a useful learn English youtube video which created by popular learn English grammar youtube channel and by English tutor “Éric Lavoie”. In Eric’s learn English grammar video, Éric Lavoie has clearly explained the basic English grammar rules for third person singular rule for verbs in the present tense.

The third person singular rule video

Thank you, “youTube\Éric Lavoie” for his very informative video about the third person singular rule.



How to use the third person singular?


Third person singular pronouns common grammar rules

With the pronouns, he, she, it, or any singular noun, the verb in the present tense takes a special ending.-s or -es :

Third person singular pronouns examples:

  • she sings
  • it stops
  • the sun rises.
  • he works

Third person singular verbs common grammar rules

When the first person of the verbs ends in s, x, ch, sh or o, the third person singular takes -es:

Third person singular verbs examples:

  • I watch / he watches
  • l finish / he finishes
  • l fix / he fixes
  • l go / he goes

Third person singular first person of the verb ends in -y grammar rules

When the first person of the verb ends in -y with a consonant before it, the third person singular is formed by changing y to ies:

Third person singular first person of the verb ends in -y examples:

  • I carry /  he carries
  • l study / he studies
  • l fly / he flies

NOTE. If there is a vowel before the -y, we add only s for the third person singular:

  • he plays
  • he enjoys
  • he obeys.




Third person singular irregular verbs grammar rules

A few verbs are irregular in the third person singular

These irregular third people singular verbs are:

  • I am
  • he is
  • l have
  • he has
  • l do
  • he does
  • l say
  • he says

Third person singular not changeable verbs grammar rules

The verbs shall, will, can, may, must, and ought to NOT change their form in the third person singular:

Third person singular Not changeable verbs examples

  • I shall
  • he shall
  • I will
  • he will
  • I can
  • he can
  • l may
  • he may
  • I must
  • he must

REMEMBER: Like the plural of nouns, the third person singular of verbs in the present tense takes -s or -es.

Thank you for reading my “The Basic English Grammar rule for the third person singular” learn English article. I hope I have answered all your questions about the third person singular rules.

Mohamed Abd





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