English Vocabulary – Top 12 words start with O (Updated on 09/03/2019)

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Irrigators channel waters; fletchers straighten arrows; carpenters bend wood; the wise master themselves.




Vocabulary –  English vocabulary class Online


Free English vocabulary Lessons online for beginners – ONE for NOT+ (one or one+) (O)

My free English vocabulary online classes, 12 common but useful words that start with Letter O, you should add to your word vocabulary now, Thank you.Ashin Damika

English Vocabulary Class – Top 12 words start with Letter O

Vocabulary – obdurate = not easily move from an opinion.
object (to) = (to dislike) / not agree to/ (objection = disagreement / objectionable = nasty, unpleasant / (object=1. a thing / 2.a word telling the person or thing to whom an action was done / 3.purpose).
Vocabulary – obsolete = not now in use / (of an old kind not such as is now used).
Vocabulary – obstinate = not giving up an opinion, not move by reasoning, (unwilling to obey).
Vocabulary – obtuse = 1.not sharp, (an angle greater than a right angle [the corners of a square are right angles]; 2.slow of understanding)
Vocabulary – odd = not one of a set, eg. An ood shoe=only one shoe / peculiar / odd number = 1,3,5 — etc / odd job = not regular employment / one hundred odd = about one hundred / (oddity = peculiarity, an unusual person / odds = (the odds are 2 to 1 on = here are two chances [= probabilities ] to 1 in favor of / odd & ends = loose bits of things left over).
Vocabulary – off = (adj.) not on / (more distant, eg.The off side = — far —- / Put off = to delay to a later date / An off day = a day of no work / the fish is a bit off = not fresh / Off ands on = sometimes / not always / Off color = [of a jewel ] of bad color / [of a person ] not in good health).
Vocabulary – omit = (to miss out) not write or say a certain word or not read a certain part of a book / (to omit to = to fail to, not to do / [n] omission).
opaque = not allowing light to pass through / [n] opacity.
Vocabulary – open = not shut / (free / generous / To be open with a person = keep nothing secret / to open = to cause to open / open-handed = generous / openly = not secretly).
Vocabulary – operetta = a light (not serious) musical play.
Vocabulary – original = (earliest) / new, not like any other / (thinking & acting for oneself / peculiar in behavior / originally = in the beginning / in a way not copy from other people / originality = new ideas / originate = to cause to begin, to start.
Vocabulary – originally= in the beginning / in a way not copy from other people / originality=new ideas / originate = to cause to begin, to start –


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