124 Dates Sayings

124 Dates Sayings | My Learning Goals and Writings

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 124 Dates Sayigs


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124 Dates Sayigs

124 Dates Sayings

124 Dates Sayings | My Learning Goals and Writings


124 Dates Sayings
124 Dates Sayings

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My English Learning Goals – 124 Dates Sayings

124 Dates Sayings

124 Dates Sayings



1 Dates are in Dry fruits showroom at the main road every day.

2 Dates were in farmers garden yesterday evening.

3 Imported  Dates will be at new dry fruit shop next week because Ramadan month begins.




4 These Dates have  good sweet

5 Dates had a size in big rich in taste years later.

6 Dates will have this market when the season comes.




7 She chews wet dates every Ramadan season after fasting because it has so sweet and so much energy.

8 She bought Dates when she went main market.

9 She will munch wet  Dates water next week onwards for getting the beauty and eradicate many diseases and it works as a medicine.

10 She is munching wet Dates just now.

11 she was munching wet Dates at this time yesterday.

12 She will be munching soaked  Dates water at this time tomorrow.

13 she has chewed Dates now.

14 She had munched wet  Dates by this time yesterday.

15 She will have sipped Dates water by this time tomorrow.

16 She has been sipping Dates water from that Dates for 3 minutes

17 She had been sipping Dates water from that Dates for 2 minutes by this time last week.

18 She will have been sipping Dates water from that Dates for 5 minutes by this time coming Sunday.




19 Dates are munched by her every Sunday.

20 Dates were munched by her when she went to R Beach.

21 Dates will be munched by her when she comes to the farmhouse.

22 Dates are being munched by her just now.

23 Dates were being munched by her at this time yesterday.

24 Dates have been munched by her now.

25 Dates had been munched by her by this time last week.

26 Dates will have been munched by her by this time next week.




27 She would munch Dates while she walks on the beach road.

28 She may munch Dates as doctors advise.

29 She might munch Dates when she has been field.

30 She should munch Dates because eradicating constipation as well as gut function well.

31 She ought to eat Dates for controlling diarrhea because it has potassium.

32 She must munch Dates for getting instant energy.

33 She needs to munch Dates for getting relief from severe weakness.

34 She has to munch Dates when the heat waves occur and facing vomiting and diarrhea and lot energy from the body then he takes banana and date as a special food.

35 They have to munch  Dates with coconut water when they thirsty, fever, lost water levels.

36 Sportspersons, passengers who frequently travel will have to eat dates for getting the energy to the body while hunger control.

37 She will eat dry dates, grapes, and almonds to take four each one from protecting anemia, low calcium, discharge mono page more,  this food reduces that problem.

38 Children shall eat dry dates with orange juice for getting relief after playing cricket games.

39 She can eat dates with other fruits accept as a breakfast for getting enough calcium and iron and no anemia problem because she gets energy

40 She used to munch Dates when she lived in her native place.

41 She could munch four Dates paste with cow milk for increased her body milk to give to her child.

42 She had to clean her face Dates with hot water from protecting with sun rays and good face reading.

43 She would not be eating more dates because it gives problems such as indigestion, stomach, gastric when she faces those problems.

44 She may be applying dates paste as a face pack because it contains oranges it works on the skin then it appears so nice.

45 She might be eating dry dates for getting proteins, fats, fiber, and carbohydrates.

46 these small traders should be selling date coming festival at this carnival.

47 we must be bringing dates to our children for getting energy phosphorus, calcium, and iron.

48 we could be eating dates our childhood every year festival at our native place.

49 She can be keeping dates in that refrigerator for freshness in more days.

50 She would have been taking dates when he comes here

51 She should have been asking fresh Iran dates when she went to the market.

52 Dates water might be in the city outskirts.

53 If I had bought the dates, she would have given it to the children.

54 If she had asked imported dates, I should have bought it.

55 If you had bought imported dates, I could have eaten it.

56 Dates would be in dry fruits shop at the main road.

57 Dates may be in the refrigerator  if my mother brings.

58 Dates may be at that festival coming to december 

59 Dates should be in that water glass because my grandfather drinks soaking dates water.

60 Dates must be in front of the vendor’s cart to see customers easily.

61 Dry dates ought to be at grandmother home when the summer comes.

62 Dates need to be at best packing for freshness long period.

63 Dates have to be at kitchen cupboard when they make dry fruit milkshake makes.

64 Dates have to be in that plate when the guest comes.

65 Some dates can be at seedless those imported packing.

66 Dates will have to be in the hot water container for drinking as juice.

67 Dates could be in that vessel if your father bought from the market.

68 Dates used to be at this small village when the festival came.

69 Dates had to be in your bag because your child asking.

70 Dates would have a moisture 15.3 grams out of 100 grams.

71 Dates may have proteins 2.5 grams out of 100 grams.

72 Imported dates might have a fat 0.4 grams out of 100 grams.

73 Dry dates should have a fiber 3.9 grams out of 100 grams

74 Dates must have carbohydrates 75.8 grams out of 100 grams.

75 Dates need to have an energy .317 calories out of 100 grams.

76 Dry dates ought to have a phosphorus 50 grams out of 100 grams.

77 Some dates have to have a calcium 120 grams out of 100 grams.

78 The date has to have a 7.3 grams iron out of 100 grams.

79 Raw dates can have a moisture  59.2 grams out of 100 grams.

80 Dates would have to have a 1.2 grams proteins out of 100 grams.

81 Few dates could have a 0.4 grams fat out of 100 grams.

82 Dates used to have a 3.7 grans fiber out of 100 grams.

83 Dates had to have a 33.8 grams carbohydrates out of 100 grams.

84 Let these dates keep.

85 Take these dates to eat for getting instant energy.

86 Where were these Dates brought?

87 Let these dates be not taken by her

88 These Dates were brought by her for preparing jam.

89 These dates are sweetest one from imported dates.

90 This date is one of the longest of this packet.

91 Dates are better than any other dry fruits.

92 These dates are bigger than all other dry fruits.

93 Dates are not sweeter than all other fruit.

94 This date is as sweet as any other fruit.

95 Dates are yet to take from that dry fruit shop

96 Eating dates are yet to complete for 2 minutes.

97 If she eats dates daily will get potassium.

98 if she sips the Dates water she can get instant energy.

99 If he eats dates frequently  His body and gut function well.

100 If she ate dates she would get enough potassium.

101 If she ate dates she could get calcium.

102 If she ate dates she might get phosphorous.

103 If she had eaten dates she would have gotten energy.

104 If she had eaten dates she could have gotten phosphorous.

105 If she had eaten dates she should have gotten fiber.

106 She said ” I eat dates”

107 She said  that “she ate these  Dates”

108 She took more dates.

109 Dates which he took were more in quantity.

110 He took dates that were more packing.

111 As she eats dates they are sweet and soft.

112 Take these dates as like as you eat because it has fiber cellulose.

113 Take as much as Dates you want.

116 For we get instant energy by eating Dates.

117 when they eat more Dates frequently then we get more resistance power.

118 Dates water should be in the refrigerator  for cooling and better taste.

119 Dates ought to be at hawker,s cycle.

120 Dates will have to be in the house before the function occurred.

121 Dates can be at the Dates tree.

122 Dates water had to be in the refrigerator because she only drinks that water.

123 Dates could be at this pan shop if the shop salesman makes a pan with it.

124 Dates water needs to have some sugar for better taste.

124 Dates Sayings

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124 Dates Sayings
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124 Dates Sayings