English Speaking – Top 10 tips to speak English well

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English Speaking – Top 10 ways to quickly improve your English Speaking skills.  Also check out this great ebook from Amazon



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English Speaking

English Speaking – Top 10 tips to speak English well


Why English and especially English speaking is important?

Being able to speak English fluently is a great advantage. English is spoken worldwide. There are millions of people used it as their first language. There are also millions of people used it as their second language.

When you travel around the world, then English is necessary to be used in conversation. English is used in the tourism industry. Of course, they must use English because this is the only language that can be understood by foreigners.

Fluent means you can speak English easily, quickly and automatically. Yes! You can make English speaking mistakes. Sometimes for other people, they may think that being fluent is really sound like a native English speaker.

When it comes to speaking English, a lot of people can make mistakes. Even native English speakers can make English speaking mistakes. You may observe that they can make filler words. We commonly hear something like “you know, ammmm, emmmm”. When you talk to someone in English, you don’t need to be afraid. They are not going to laugh at you. They just only to want to communicate with you and want to understand what you mean.




You may need more English vocabularies in order to speak English fluently. It happens sometimes that you just want to memorize a list of vocabularies, but when using it in English writing or English speaking, you can’t use it properly.

It’s because you don’t practice it a lot to familiarize yourself on how to use it. For you to be able to use those words correctly, you have to put into practice that. You can practice writing sentences. When you’re in a private room, you can read out loud it. Also, you can practice speaking English in those sentences. Exaggerate the way you speak English.

The other way to improve your English speaking ability is to learn phrases or even sentences. When you watch YouTube English speaking lessons, you can copy their accent. I know that you can’t avoid translating the English words into your mother tongue. If you want to speak English, the words don’t come out naturally.

However, if you practice every day to think only in English include speaking English, you will improve your English speaking tremendously.

This is a way that one can help you improve your English speaking skills quickly. If English is your partner every day, it will help you become good at English.

So put into practice you learned vocabularies. Don’t just focus on single words. Focusing also on learning phrases is a great way to be fluent in English and English speaking too.

How to improve your English speaking skills?

This popular India English speaking video is from the well known Inda English speaking youtube channel “Pep Talk India”. In this video, you will learn “How to practice English Speaking alone at home? Use these ways If you have the same question and if you struggle practicing English speaking at home. These ways will allow you to practice by yourself and Improve Spoken English.”


How to improve your English speaking skills | English conversation



Top 10 tips to quickly improve your English Speaking

These are my top 10 tips to quickly improve your English Speaking and to Extraordinary Fluency.

  • List item Increase your Vocabulary.
  • Daily Routine practice with English speaking and writing.
  • Learn 2 or 3 new words on daily basis and try to use it in your Daily English speaking routine.
  • Don’t always think about Grammar it makes you a little bit curious while speaking English.
  • Read English Novels & Newspaper.  Find new words from there.
  • Watch English subtitles in Movies and try to read it while watching.
  • When you meet with your friends, just try to use the English language and speaking English with them,
  • If your friends use native language and that is not English, gradually you try to translate it into English, definitely, it will increase your English speaking power.
  • Start practice English speaking from right now, don’t think for next time.
  • Trust your self it’s a very important point.

Thank you for your time reading my “English Speaking – Top 10 tips to speak English well”. I hope you would find it useful. Good luck with your English speaking learning.

Mubashir Tufail






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