Learn English word baneful through weird and wonderful words

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English Class

 Learn English word baneful through weird and wonderful words

Do you know the history and correct usage of the rare English word “Baneful”?

In this learn English through weird and wonderful English class, I am going to show you the beauty of this weird and useful word of Baneful.

Baneful is a adjective and It is properly pronounced like the word /’be?nf?l/.

Learn English word baneful

Learn English word baneful

What is Baneful?

Learn English word baneful – English class tips.

  • harmful influence
  • destructive influence

Where is baneful from?

Learn English word baneful – English class tips.

  • Old English bealufull “dire, wicked, cruel,” with -ful + bealu “harm, injury, ruin, evil, mischief, wickedness, a noxious thing,”
  • From Proto-Germanic *balu- (source also of Old Saxon balu, Old Frisian balu “evil,” Old High German balo “destruction,”
  • Old Norse bol, Gothic balwjan “to torment”), a word of uncertain etymology.

How to use the baneful in a sentence?

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Learn English word baneful


Learn English word baneful – English class tips.

  • Baneful effects of their foreign policy.
  • Lower share prices have baneful effect for companies too.
  • Waste gas emitted by cars has exerted a baneful influence on natural environment.
  • His baneful influence was feared by all.
  • Objective : To investigate drinking condition and baneful degree of Mang people.
  • Use of seal oil filling risers can protect worker from inhaling baneful gases and prevent occupational diseases.
  • It is, however, in America itself that Haditha may have its biggest arguably most baneful impact.
  • We shall encounter this notion throughout American history and note its baneful effects.
  • The baneful effects of envy and jealousy.
I hope you are enjoying this English class and found my “Baneful – Learn English through weird and wonderful words” is usefull.

Have fun as you learn with these weird and wonderful English words! Please add weird and wonderful words to your vocabulary now.

Thank you,

Suparno Bhattachayrra

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