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 Common medical practitioners words

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Service without humility is selfishness and egotism.

Mahatma Gandhi

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Common medical practitioners words

My Learning Goals and Writing


I love English and I love writing. These are my writing about “Common medical practitioners words”. I Write Because I Love, And My Love Is Writing.



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This is two students conversation for knowing about medical specialists.

The name of the student jona asked to her friend sweety like this:

1 JONA: What is the meaning of the word A gynaecologist?

SWEETY: This specialist treats the female reproducive and sexual organs. You may get idea about that word female troubles.

2 JONA: What is the meaning of the word An obstetrician?

SWEETY: This specialist delivers babies and takes care of the mother during and immediately after the period of her pregnancy.

3 JONA: What is the meaning of the word A paediatrician?

SWEETY: This specialist limits his practice to youngsters, taking care of babies directly after birth, supervising their diet and watching over their growth and development,giving them the series of inoculations that has done so much to decrease infant morality,
and soothing their anxious parents. You had known, if the young baby ill for better treatment we should bring to pediatrician.

4 JONA: What is the meaning of the word A dermatologist?

SWEETY: There is specialist who treats all such skin diseases.

5 JONA: What is the meaning of the word An ophthalmologist?

SWEETY: The physician whose specialty is disorders of vision (myopia,astigmatism,cataracts,glaucoma,etc) may prescribe glasses, administer drugs,or perform surgery.

6 JONA: What is the meaning of the word A orthopedist?

SWEETY: This specialist deals with the skeletal structure of the body, treating bone fractures, slipped discs, clubfoot,curvature of the spine,dislocations of the hip,etc. and the specialist may correct a condition either by surgery or by the use of braces or other appliances.

7 JONA: What is the meaning of the word A cardiologist?

SWEETY: This specialist treats disorders of the heart and circulatory system.

8 JONA: What is the meaning of the word A neurologist?

SWEETY: There is specialist and this physician specializes in the treatment of disorders of brain, spinal cord and the rest of the nervous system.

9 JONA: What is the meaning of the word A psychiatrist?

SWEETY: There is specialist attempts to alleviate mental and emotional disturbances by means of various techniques, occasionally drugs or electrocution therapy, more often private or group psychotherapy.

Dear Jona you may remember these words by reading this small story. A dentist, doing his first extraction on a patient, was under standably nervous, when he got the molarour, his hand shook, he lost his grip on the instrument, and the tooth dropped down into the patient’s throat.
then the dentist said, sorry, you are out side my specialty now, you should see A larynogologist or throat specialist by the time the unfortunate victim got to the laryngologist, the tooth had worked its way much further down.

The laryngologist examined the man, sorry, said the doctor, you are out side my specialty now. You should see A g astrologist a stomach specialist. The g astrologist x-rayed the patient. Sorry, said the doctor,

the tooth has traveled into your lower intestines. You should see An entomologist an intestinal specialist, the entomologist took some x-ray. Then said sorry, the tooth is not there.

it must have gone down farther you should see A petrologist a specialist in diseases of the rectum.

our patient is now on the petrologist’s examining table, in the proper elbow-knee position. The doctor has inserted a spectroscope and is looking through it.

good heavens, man, you have got a tooth up there you see a dentist.

Dear Jona : you know the two keys to success one self-discipline and persistence. You can achieve a superior vocabulary in phenomenally short time given self-discipline and persistence.

The greatest aid in building self-discipline is, as I have a matter of devising a practical and comfortable schedule for yourself and then keeping to that schedule. Make sure to complete at least one word to make a sentence which you pickup that helps a lot. You know this is the time to exert the greatest self -discipline, the most determined persistence.

Dear Jona I would like to say one thing to you. Where to get new ideas? This is simple , People with superior vocabulary, I have submitted, are the people with ideas. The words they know are verbal symbols of the ideas they are familiar with — reduce one and you
must reduce the other, for ideas cannot exist without verbalization, Freud once had an idea – and had to coin a whole new vocabulary to make his idea clear to the world. Those whole are familiar with Freud’s theories know all the words that explain them — the unconscious, the ego their, the superego, rationalization,Oedipus complex, and son. Splitting the atom was once a new idea — any one familiar with it knew something about fission,isotope,radioactive,cyclotron,etc.

Remember this: your vocabulary indicates the alertness and range of your mind. The words you know show the extent of your understanding of what is going on in the world. The size of your vocabulary varies directly with the degree to which you are growing intellectually.
you have covered so far in your books several thousand words. .Having learned these words , you have begun to think of an equal number of new ideas. A new word is not just another pattern of syllables with which to clutter up your mind — a new word is a new idea to help you think, to help you understand the thoughts of others. To help you express your own thoughts, to help you live richer intellectual life.
Realizing these facts, you may become impatient, you will begin to doubt that a book like this can cover all the ideas that an alter and intellectually mature adult wishes to be acquainted with. Your doubt is well-founded.

One of the chief purposes of this book is to get you started , to give you enough of a push so that you will begin to gather momentum, to stimulate you enough so that you will want to start gathering your own ideas.

Where can you gather them? From good books on new topics. How can you gather them? By reading on a wide range of new subjects.
Reference has repeatedly been mad to psychology, psychiatry, and psychoanalysis of the pages. If your curiosity has been aroused by these references, here is a good place to start, in these fields there is a tremendous and exciting literature — and you can read as widely and as deeply as you wish.
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Common medical practitioners words

If you think about it, our lives are an endless pursuit of answers and new questions. So how can YOU take action to ensure that your learning never comes to an end?


Common medical practitioners words
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