English Short Story by Raihana Enggar – The crying devil Part 5

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Raihanna Enggar

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English Story by Raihana Enggar

The crying devil Part 5


Learn English Through Short Stories

English Story – The crying ? devil  (Part 5) 

A young man was murdered Last night. His body was found behind the tree early in the morning by two boys. they were jogging when the body was found. There wasn’t cruel treatment seen on the body.

The police investigated to find out the cause of death.

My name is Alex I am a journalist on college newsletter. I studied at Havana University. The same place with Amira.

Yes, Amira was my college mates. I really interested in murdered that’s why after heard about this I collected many pieces of information about the victim.

The victim was a handsome and rich boy. His name was Marcel.  Marcel parents were shocked when they heard about the news. They hired a detective to found out who was the killer.

I almost angry when someone hit me. My books and my old newspaper scattered around. But I got surprised when I knew who was Amira hit me. She helped me tidy up my stuff.




At the moment I freeze like a statue to be dazzled by the beauty of her face. She realized that I looked at her without a glance. She up her face and smile, my eyes and her eyes met each other, oh I can’t breathe for awhile…..

To saw beautiful mysterious eyes Make my heart melted. She really looked like an angel from heaven.

But suddenly she became the coldest person I ever met. Her eyes looked so dark and she said to me with unfriendly words ” no need to say sorry, next time watch your step ” without waiting for my answer she left me.

I don’t understand why she changed her character only in minutes.

I never know that the future with her will be “unpredictable” for me.

Thank you for reading my story, 

Raihana Enggar.




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