How to Study Math Well – Top 10 Tips To Study Math Effectively

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How to Study Math – Top 10 tips for study math effectively


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Pure mathematics is, in its way, the poetry of logical ideas.

– Albert Einstein

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How to Study Math Well?

hey guys!!

so I love math as much as the next guy, but I think we can all agree that it is one of the hardest subjects to study for.

so, without further ado, here are some tips on how to study math!

Top 10 tips to Study Math Effectively

1. – ̗̀ invest in a whiteboard!  ̖́- the most helpful tool I used in AP calc was my giant whiteboard. this way you can go through practice problems quickly (and let’s be real – whiteboards are more fun than paper).

2. – ̗̀ watch youtube videos on the topic you’re studying!  ̖́- never underestimate the power of a good khan academy video. these will not only give you an explanation of the topic other than what your teacher gave you, but they will also give you more practice problems to work on.

3. – ̗̀ don’t just learn how to do each topic, learn the theorem!  ̖́- if you learn WHY something is rather than HOW something is, it’ll make more sense to you and make working out the problem a little more clear. there are youtube videos explaining this!!

4. – ̗̀ create a unit “cheat sheet”!  ̖́- I did this throughout high school and it saved my life. at the end of each unit, or as you go along, create a cheat sheet by listing each topic within the unit, the formulas needed for the topics, how to do each problem, the theorem, etc.

5. – ̗̀  review old quizzes!  ̖́- the mistakes you make on your quizzes you are likely to make on the test. review the quizzes, rework the problems, and fix your mistakes! quizzes also give a good preview of what’ll be on the test.

6. – ̗̀  find your notes from old classes!  ̖́ – are you in calculus, but you’re having trouble remembering the unit circle from trigonometry? go to your old notes. trust me.

7. – ̗̀ take your time when practicing problems!  ̖́- if you go quickly, you’re more likely to make silly mistakes. take your time, even if you don’t have a lot of it, so you can focus on how to do each problem rather than the small mistakes you make.

8. – ̗̀ make a quizlet for your formulas!  ̖́- studying for math the night before the test would be a lot easier if you already had the formulas memorized, right? make the quizlet in advance and flip through it while you’re in the car, in line, etc.

9. – ̗̀ quality over quantity!  ̖́- while doing practice problems, don’t just do a bunch of basic questions. that’s a huge waste of time. do a couple at each difficulty, so you aren’t wasting your time on doing a bunch of questions you know you can do.

10. – ̗̀ make a study plan!  ̖́- using the cheat sheet I mentioned in number 4 or just a list of topics on the exam you are studying for, create a study plan that covers a couple of topics each day. this way you can thoroughly delve into each one without overworking yourself the night before the test.

I hope these help! if you have anything you like to do but that I didn’t include, please reblog with them to help some students out!

as always, thanks for reading x

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