English Short Stories Crying Devil Girl – 6 by Raihanna Enggar

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Raihanna Enggar

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English Story by Raihana Enggar

The crying devil Part 6


Learn English Through Short Stories

English Story – The crying ? devil  (Part 6) 

Kiss by the devil – by Raihana Enggar.

I just finished my shower when my roommate David came and gave me an invitation card. ” You are invited by Maria the Rich girl in our campus. ” I thought she would be asked you to come to her house to celebrate her birthday party,” David said.

I just pierced to the card without any interest. ” It would be a boring party. I guessed. 

Just a few high-class boys and girls gathering together with good food and drinks. I was lazy to go but I know she invited me because I am the one who wrote her event to the newsletter. She wants all friends at the campus know about her party how expensive and luxurious was her birthday party.

But I know these are my obligations as the journalist to send the news to the public especially relates to Havana University as the head office of my newsletter. So I will come. 

Saturday night at 8.00 pm I had already dressed with my New t-shirt I looked like common people. Hmm, I don’t have expensive clothes to wear but I don’t care cuz I am not interested in a party.




In a party, I felt like stranger everyone looked glorious but not me and they were laughing at me cuz my clothes were so cheap and ordinary. I sat on the corner and saw the party From the distance. Almost one hour I only sat, ate and drank alone.

Suddenly the beautiful angel comes to the party and made everyone silence. Amira was coming with a beautiful white dress and luxurious jewelry made man was dazzled by her beauty..

Then the music started again. Two Men tried to ask her to dance but she refused it, one of them insisted on her. I know that man one of the richest boys in this town. His father was government officials as secretary ministry of health. The other man went with angry.

They dance together, Amira and that man I continued with my dream. For a while, I enjoyed my dream when suddenly somebody screamed so loudly his sounds like death.

I wake up and run as fast as I can but the fact was really frightened. Everyone shocked to saw a dead body on the corner of Maria’s house

Thank you for reading one of my English short stories.

Raihana Enggar.





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