Short Scary Nightmare Story

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Short Scary Nightmare Story of Nauman Khan

Hi, everyone. my short Scary Nightmare Story is one of my “Learn English Through English Story” series blog post. I hope you enjoy reading my own short scary nightmare story.

Excerpt of my short scary story “Short Scary Story by Nauman Khan – ” I was struggling alone in the dark night and grove forest where only the dim rays of the moon were visible.”


What Causes Nightmares?

Following are the major causes and triggers of your scary nightmares as defined by the renown professional psychology blog  “Psychology Today” blog post “Nightmares“:

  • Anxiety and stress
  • Death of a loved one can bring on nightmares
  • fluctuating sleep schedule
  • Sleep deprivation
  • Jet lag
  • Illness
  • Fever
  • Side effects of a medication
  • Sleeping bills
  • Alcohol consumption or withdrawal
  • Difficulty breathing during sleep
  • Sleep disorders
  • Eating before bedtime

Thank you for your time.

Nauman Khan


Nauman Khan

Community Mentor (Pakistan)

Nauman Khan is the author of the My short scary nightmare story. He is a talented writer from Pakistan and love to share his knowledge with others.

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Learn English Through English Story

Short scary nightmare story of Nauman Khan


“This is one of my learning English through English story – Short scary nightmare story of Nauman Khan.”

My Short scary nightmare story by Nauman Khan

One day I was sleeping deeply in our courtyard during summer.

I was much drowsy and I have a bad dream.

In that dream everything was horrible.

In my dream, I was somewhere in deep (grove) forest and there I come across many adventures.

I faced wolves in the deep dark forest they were trying to hurt me so much.

But I had a torch which help me a lot,  because of that it’s penetrating light. The wolf packs left me and I got rid of them.

I was struggling alone in the dark night and grove forest where only the dim rays of the moon were visible.

I was much tired and have thought to sleep for a while. But because there were horrible voices that’s I couldn’t sleep in the forest.

I was still walking without knowing the direction, and then, at last, I reached a waterfall. After that waterfall, there was no other way except to go back.

After I had returned to the forest and  I had lost my torch when I had intended to sleep,

I was in such a miserable condition and didn’t know where to go and what to do. I was so despaired.

Suddenly I saw a pact of wolves chasing behind me from the dark forest,  and my body was getting cold.

I was trembling and there was no third option for me except to jump into the waterfall,

As the wolves pact came close to me and I was jumping…..

My mother comes close to me and said get up son you are late!

it’s morning and My mum woke me from my horrible dream and thus I was saved,,

Thank God it was a nightmare!


The End of my Short scary nightmare story of Nauman Khan.

Thank you for reading my “Short scary nightmare story of Nauman Khan “.

This nightmare scary story is one of my “Learn English Through English Story” series blog posts. I hope you enjoy reading my “Short scary nightmare story of Nauman Khan” today.

Thanks a bunch for your time – may God help you through tough times in your life.

Nauman Khan

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