What is life? My simple concept of life by Anup Bist

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What is life?


Hi, everyone. my view on life is one of my “Learn English Through Psychology” series blog post. I hope you enjoy reading my view on what is life.


Excerpt of What is life – ” I always love my expectation cause I’m passionate about and hardworking as much as possible. I’m not pretty sure to do such works or even expectations will take to success or failure. I don’t know what is a success but I always believe progress.”

What is life by George Harrison

First, let’s met share with you one of my favorite song from the popular US singer George Harrison‘s  (25 February 1943 – 29 November 2001) official youtube channel “George Harrison”. The song is called what is life.

George Harrison – What Is Life (Official Music Video)

Thank you, “youtube\George Harrison”.

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If you understand others pain and usually you try to make them happy possibly, then 
you deserve all happiness of the world

— Anup Bist


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Learn English Through Psychology

What is life by Anup Bist


What is life – my simple concept


The simple concept of my life :

I’m that person always follow simple things.

I did mistake yesterday but I learn from those mistakes.

I will do mistakes again but I hope I will get a new result.

I’m literally a person never feel happy at any moment or even sad. I always used to listen to my voice who am I ? what is wrong or right I decide after I think about.

Every individual has their own words and concepts about life, I have analyzed, I have faced in my own life or even seen others life too. The two words are very awesome and people simply follow these are “success and progress”.

Here I’m describing or defining those words based on economic status.

Generally, what are you following I don’t know but the word ‘success’ is very easy for whose having enough money, properties etc.cause they will get success easily whereas the word ‘progress’ is compulsory for all people.

If people dominated by economic status then success is very difficult but they maintain the progress that helps to take them into success definitely.

So follow progress not success cause progress take you to success but success might not have progress means you might be doomed.

If you want to create new themes then you should understand yourself first, slowly you have to start to read, analyze, write in your own words and start to speak with others.

Especially talking or discussion in the group really help to improve your self-confidence level.

The very important thing you should notice is “fake it till they make it” means at least if you try to show a little smile in your face and explain slowly whatever you know that will surely help to improve communication skill then after your mind starts to create new and new every day.

What is life – Today or Tomorrow


In your temporary life, you have a lot of permanent dreams.

You just assume there will be a day come for you called tomorrow.

You didn’t see that in reality cause tomorrow never come.

If you spend this night the day will you hope to see will be today.

Tomorrow is just a day which never comes,

yes really tomorrow is the day will never come, I just realized something which is valuable in our life will like the story of tomorrow.

If we miss they will never come cause tomorrow is a day for today and today is also the day for today (next day will be again today not tomorrow).

Similarly, our every events and opportunity are alike they never come to do such right now not tomorrow …..

Again tomorrow never comes, never come, never come!!!!!!!!!!!

I always love my expectation cause I’m passionate about and hardworking as much as possible.

I’m not pretty sure to do such works or even expectations will take to success or failure.

I don’t know what is a success but I always believe progress.

Again what others think about me it doesn’t a matter for me but what I think about self does and this is my goal.

Literally, I’m the same person not much happy and sad every moment in my life.

I’m learning how to treat people nicely

My psychology is the same and simple with a lot of dreams

My respect is the same for all age of people, cast, religion, culture and many more as a simple human.

Because of these wonderful feeling and expectations, I’m surviving an entire human being as well.

We never stop to dreaming cause dreams and plans are powerful tools for enhancing the realm of humanity you are the one and only reason – you (TOMORROW)  nobody knows which one?’


The End of my simple concept of what is life blog post. Thank you for reading the simple concept of what is life. I hope you found my post is useful.

This my simple concept of what is life is one of my “Learn English Through Psychology” series blog posts. I hope you enjoy reading my “what is life” today.

“Drop by drop is the water pot filled. Likewise, the wise man, gathering it little by little, fills himself with good. – Buddha”


Thank you, Anup Bist.


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